The Cat is out of Bag now , TTP confirms Publicly to Support Imran Khan , and his Plans to address rally in S.W

JNN 02 Oct 2012 Islamabad : Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan says it has offered Imran Khan its protection for a peace march into militant-infested tribal areas at the weekend.

The Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , which has publicly claimed attacks on the Pakistani forces , have attacked and  are Killers of the Shia Community , and is against the Integration of Pakistan , and is a proven CIA backed , terrorist organization , which  was even proven in the Raymond Davis Episode, and seconded by the Shakil afridi case who was involved in sourcing funds to the TTP , which has openly condemned Pakistan and is against the existence of Pakistan.

Imran Khan the head of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf , who is all set to address a Public gathering in the Militant infested South Waziristan, has received the Support of TTP , as they have offered to Protect the Public gathering

Now the devilish alliance which was under cover up till now, has come on the cover and now the partners since Inception, are hand in hand , and this is a holy alliance for the US and Western powers also , as now the Terror laden TTP with their US based Islam and the Most Secular and so called Liberal Imran Khan , can safe guard their interest , in both the ways . Whether they want to ask the TTP to pass any fatwa in their Best Interest or to have any law passed from the Legislature to Protect their interest .

On Sunday Imran Khan plans to address a rally in South Waziristan, an area where security forces continue to mount operations against militant bases, which includes TTP , but the forces which are against the establishment of Pakistan , are ready to Protect The Great Khan.

Senior commanders with the TTP  said a recent meeting headed by the group’s leader Hakimullah Mehsud set aside earlier instructions to send suicide bombers to assassinate the former all-rounder.

Instead the group noted Mr Khan’s strident opposition to US drone strikes against militants in its territory as it reversed course to offer security assistance.

A spokesmen said: “We are ready to provide them security if they need. We endorses Imran Khan’s plea that drone strikes are against our sovereignty,” he said. “The anti-drone rallies should have been taken out by the religious leaders long ago but Imran had taken the lead and we wouldn’t harm him or his followers.”

It should also be noted that the History of TTP tells that they have done a lot of terror strikes and Killed a No. of Pakitani Politicians, Notables , Shia Community members , even Benazir Bhutto  was also assassinated out of a Public gathering by these elements , but they have always claimed the Assasinations and Suicide Blasts after the event , but this event was the one where they Publicly announced to Send Suicide Bombers to assassinate The Great Khan , to create a Hoax , and to show that , both are from different parties , and now they are even claiming the bravery of The Great Khan , and this all shows the script writer’s a lot of mistakes , which has exposed the Unholy alliance , which is trying to take over Pakistan , and to control its Nuclear assets , to save the Zionist lobby from a threat of the Islamic Bomb.

At a press conference, Mr Khan said he had been promised the support of local tribes but was worried the government was opposed to allowing foreign peace campaigners and journalists to attend.

“We feel no threat from any side but feel threatened by the forces which have been playing politics on this issue,” he said. “The government should take steps to provide security to the media persons, who would be covering the every bit of the proposed peace march.”

The CIA’s drones programme has accelerated under Barack Obama, provoking widespread anger in Pakistan.

In public the Islamabad government has called for an end to the strikes, arguing they breed support for militant groups, but privately is believed to approve the tactic as a means of taking out insurgent leaders.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has recorded at least 2570 deaths since 2004 in 346 drone strikes.

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