A Book named “History of Music in Islamic Iranian Civilization” published


JNN 09 Oct 2012 Tehran : Historical and religious view on music is printed in the latest publication of Supreme Council of the Youth Affairs Organization, Ferdowsi Foundation and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. 

“History of Music in Islamic Iranian Civilization” is the name of the latest book as the result of a 10-year research on music in Iran.

A rare script in the field of music this book has a new look on this filed of arts.

According to Yasser Movahedfar, Secretary of Ferdowsi Foundation, Islamic literature of Iran in the field of philosophy, Mysticism, Fiq’h and Literature had not been compiled in a collection before.

He referred to the Fiq’h disagreements and said,” This book tries to shed light on the disagreements in some Islamic narrations and Sharia sources.”

Throughout the beginning chapters, the historical, philosophical and literary aspects of the topic are discussed while the ending chapter is a bibliography of Islamic-Iranian thinkers introducing more than 100 works in this field.


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