The Deadly Week Claimed lives of another 6 Shia Men , victim of Target Killing By SSP and LeJ Terrorist

JNN 11 Oct 2012 Karachi : The Deadly week claimed another 6 lives of the Shia Men in Karachi and Quetta in the Ongoing target Killing By Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ‘s Terrorist wing Lashkar e Jhangvi .

On 4th Oct A Young Shia Man Shiraz Baig 18, was Martyred on the Double Road in Quetta by the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorist . On 7th Oct another Shia Man Mohd Yasin s/o Mohd. Ibrahim was Martyred by the Targetted Attack of LeJ Terrorists . On 8th Oct another Shia Man , S. Qanbar Abbas Naqvi , 28 was Martyred by the firing of Sipah e Sahaba Terrorist in the Limits of Naziamab P.S , Karachi. On 9th Oct Another Momin S.Jehangir Hussain s/o S.Hassan Raza 38 was martyred in the Limits of Brigade P.S. Karachi. On 10th Oct another Shia Man belonging to the LEA of Dera Ismail Khan Mohammad Ramzan son of Mulazim Hussain was Martyred on the pretext of  the ongoing Target Killing .On 4th Oct Another victim of the Target Killing Abdul Waheed also embraced Martyrdom  as he succumbed to the Injuries caused by the fatal bullet wounds  in the Previous incident of Shia Target Killing.

The details reveal that On 4th Oct Shiraz and his friend Imran were passing from the Double Road, when the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi targeted them and fired on both of them , due to which they were fatally injured , after the terrorist fled from the scene they were shifted to the Civil Hospital , Quetta, but both of them could not survive the fatal injuries, and was declared Dead On Arrival.

It should be noted here that Shiraz Belong to the Shia Hazara community , while Imran was a Barelvi Sunni , but none is spared whether Sunni or Shia as it is a conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan , both were targeted by the Wahabi Terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi.

In another Incident of Target Killing On 7th Oct , Mohd Yasin was targeted By the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi backed by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, He embraced Martyrdom at the spot as he could not survive the fatal Bullet wounds

Yasin was a Motor Mechanic by Profession ,and was the resident of Zainabiya Street , Nechari Road.

The outraged Protesters also staged a Protest Sit In Infront of the Balochistan High Court Building to shaken up the sleeping Judiciary which promised the enforcement of Law and order when there own Jobs were terminated , but after their re Instatement the Law Order Situation have further down graded , plus the Judiciary from Top to Bottom , have done nothing to Punish the culprits of this Ongoing terrorism , while they have further added misery to the Lives of the Common Pakistani by releasing the arrested terrorists , and giving them a clean chit of Innocence By the Judiciary of Pakistan.

Karachi is also at the Helm of target Killing where On 8th Oct , another Shia Momin S.Qanbar Abbas Naqvi was targeted in the Limits of Nazimab P.S , near Urdu Bazaar adjacent Sir Syed Girls College ,when he was on his way to some official work , where he was targeted  by the same Group of Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan . He breathed his Last at the spot ,as could not survive the fatal bullet wounds .

His funeral Prayers was offered at the Jafria Imambargah , Jafria Colony , GulBahar ,after the Maghribain Prayers, while his burial was performed at the Local GraveYard , adjacent to the Khaji Ground , Gulbahar.

He was also the resident of Jafria Colony , He has left a widow and a Son in the heirs.

It should also be noted that the Brother of Qanbar Naqvi , Salman Naqvi was also Martyred by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan some time back.

On 9th Oct Tuesday evening , another Shia S. Jehagir Hassan was targeted as he was on his way Home from his office  , near the Parking Plaza , in the limits of Brigade P.S, where he was fired by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan . He embraced Martyrdom on the spot due to fatal bullet wounds .

His body was shifted to the Jinnah Hospital Karachi , from where after the Medico Legal formalities his body was taken for his funeral and Burial to his ancestral village near D.I.Khan .

He was an employee of the Summit Bank , and resident of North Nazimabad , Karachi.

While D.I.Khan which is also a Nursery of terrorist , On 10 Oct  witnessed target Killing of another Shia Police Official Posted at the University P.S , was Martyred when the terrorist targeted him .

He was the resident of the Kacha Hazara area of D.I.Khan.

While in the earlier tragic Incident in Karachi , North Karachi Wednesday Market , where 3 Brothers were targeted and fired upon by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , among which Nisar Hussain  had embraced Martyrdom at the spot while , his brother and cousin Abdul Waheed s/o Mohd Pinaal had sustained crtical bullet wounds , who were under Medical treatment at the local Hospital, But Abdul Waheed could not survive the fatal wounds , and about after 15 days of fighting with death , he embraced Martyrdom on the 4th Oct at the Local Hospital , from where his body was shifted to the Fatimiya Ghusal Khana , Numaish , and later on his body was shifted to his ancestral town ,  Sindh for his funeral and Burial.

Analysis :

The Target Killing of Shia Community members have enraged the community members , and they are of the confirm Belief that the LEAs , Judiciary , Government and above all the So called Establishment of Pakistan has miserably failed to Protect the Lives , of the Shia community and they are now giving a deep thought that , as they have not only failed to give security to their lives and Property , but are now the Partners in this crime.

As the LEAs have failed to nab the criminals even after Knowing their details and where about , plus even if at some point they arrest some of the terrorist involved in the target Killing of Shia Men , then the Judiciary which is also a part of the Pakistani Nation, and as knowingly can take Notice of So Many things on  the media reports who are not allowed to Read and see the Media reports under their set code of conduct , but could not Conivct and award Capital or even exemplary Punishment to these terrorist , who are brought to their courts for the same.

While the Government , the Opposition and the Parties Part of the Political Process are only busy in Making Money by any means , whether legal or Illegal , so they can run away ,and rest in Peace in some foreign Land , who are at present giving all the relief to these terrorist so they can get relief and benefits when they settle with their looted Money of the Nation in the land of these foreign Masters of the terrorism ,as when any body tries to Nab them , or if they Loose power in the government at any time.

And Above all the Establishment of Pakistan which has Once Nurtured these terrorist and there are still some on their Pay roll , is still hesitant to take any action against them , while it is hard to believe that they are so naïve , who have experience the History , and have seen and some where even the witness of the Dhaka Debacle, knowingly ready to sell their souls to these Terrorist Just to Materialize some Big chunks in the International Political system , which in return will also make them Wealthy and they feel they will be wise , while History tells that these type of Men are not known in the History as Wise  , but are called the traitors who sell their Mother land in the Lust for Power .

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