Frustrated' Muslims trapped after Immigration to Developed Nations changing names to get work

JNN 12 Oct 2012 Melbourne : It has been part of Progressive Peoples lives , who opt for Immigration to foreign Lands in search of Better Opportunities and Better Life , But at the same time they do not calculate the risk of losing their Identity , faith and the Liberty they enjoy in their Homelands , and the especially in the Present World , which is closing its doors for the Muslims and especially the Shia Community , who are being victimized , on the basis of their faith and religion.

Immigration to foreign Land is not a bad thing but , every aspect of it should be well calculated before planning and executing such Plans , as if once a decision is reached in favour of Immigration to foreign land , then one should be well prepared for facing the Hardships and the consequences , which may relate to even the coming generations .

As now at the Present the Muslims around the world , and especially in the Developed Nations , like  , US , Australia , UK and EU Muslims are the target of discrimination , and once the Immigration Process is complete , it is very hard to undo the Process , as the Process is Loss of time , Money and other valuables

So when ever such a decision is made it should also be kept in mind , that if in case the Immigration is complete , there should be some doors left open to Undo the Process , and come back to the Home Land so does nt have to loose the valuable time , Money and the Most Important Part of Life.

Otherwise if the people who are once trapped in the foreign Land , who don’t have options to wind up the Process , they have to even compromise on the basic rules of life , religion and so Many other social aspects , which damages the Personality , and the Losses are irrepairable .

As these days Frustrated Muslims are anglicizing their names to avoid religious discrimination when applying for work in Australia.

According to Islamic leaders, some legally change their name by deed poll, while others adopt ‘new’ names for their resumes.

Muslim leader and Islamic Friendship Association founder Keysar Trad said the ‘sad’ trend has become increasingly prevalent, and the recent Sydney riots would only exacerbate the problem.

“Many people are changing from Mohammed to Michael, Ahmed to Allan, Haroun to Harold and others change Mohammed to Jim, even though there is no relationship between the two,” he said.

“It’s sad many Muslims feel compelled to do this. That message is unless you do take on an Anglo name you won’t get past the front door,” he added.

“Unfortunately, the protests will have an impact with some employers, and I appeal for those employers to treat people on merit,” quoted Trad, as saying.

According to the report, Trad said people with traditional Muslim names often experience blatant religious discrimination when applying for a job.

“I’ve heard of many cases where people have applied for a job using their Muslim name and not getting an interview, then making a phone call and giving a different name and being called back for an interview,” he said.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Helen Szoke said a migrant westernizing their Christian names to increase their chances of employment is a growing and concerning trend.

“There are many people who you come across who talk about the fact they anglicise their name for employment purposes or because people found it too hard to pronounce or it was foreign,” Szoke said.

“There is definitely evidence to suggest that people do this because they feel it improves or enhances their opportunities to gain work,” Szoke added.

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