A Shia Teacher Martyred , while a Shia Lawyer Critically Injured by the firing of terrorist of SSP

JNN 13 Oct 2012 Karachi : Another Young Shia Man became victim of the ongoing Shia Target Killing by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , As S. Ejaz Haider Rizvi s/o S.Khursheed Haider Rizvi , 30 was targeted in the Limits of North Karachi , near UP Society turning  when the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan fired Multiple Rounds on him Martyring him .

He was returning back to his home from his Job , when Near the UP Society Turning , he was targeted by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba’s Terror Squad Lashkar e Jhangvi’s members , who fired multiple Bullets targeting him , out of which 4 bullets hit him 2 on the face , and 2 on the neck , and due to the fatal Bullet wounds , he embraced Martydom on the spot .

His body was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , for Medico Legal formalities , after which It was shifted to the Imambargah Shuhuda e Karbala , Sadaat Society, where his funeral Prayer was offered after the zuhrain prayesr , which was attened by thousands of Mourners and well wishers , and especially the Youth of the Shia Community .

The Body was taken to the Shahrah e Pakistan in a big Procession , the participants of which also Staged a Protest Sit In, and the Protesters demanded arrest of the Shia Target Killers and the Nabbing the Terrorist Organisations like SSP , LeJ , and TTP , which are not only Killing Shia People , but are also involved in anti State activities , and are trying to implement the nefarious Plans of their Masters of disintegration of Pakistan.

He was a Brilliant and a studious Person , and was attached to the teaching Profession, and was lately associated with a well know School ,and was teaching English Language to the Young Pakistanis, and even at the day of his Martyrdom , he was coming back from the Coaching Center , where he was also associated as a teacher.

He was the resident of Sadaat Colony , F.B.Area Block # 19.

Shia Lawyer Critically Injured :

In the a different incident On 12th Oct 2012 , in the early Hours of the day , Shia Lawyer Mirza Waqar Hussain was targeted by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , in the limits of Jamshed Quarter P.S, .

According to the details , Advocate Waqar was on his way to office , when he reached near Teen Hati , Martin Quarters , his car AQD-203 was ambushed by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , which fired indiscriminately on his car , due to which he and his driver was critically injured,

Advocate Waqar and His driver both were shifted to the Agha Khan hospital , where his driver who was minutely injured was discharged after giving him the Medical first Aid, while Advocate Waqar was transferred to the ICU, from where he was taken to the Operation theater , as per doctors he received 6 Bullet wounds, which were operated , and is still under Observation and in the ICU , of the Hospital.

His family and friends have requested the Muslim Brothers and sisters to Pray for his early and safe recovery. While he was still in need of Blood as there was a heavy loss of Blood, till the filing of this report.

All the Shia Leaders and Notables have deeply condemned the Target Killing of Ejaz and the attack on the Advocate Waqar , as even a Strike was also observed on Friday in the Karachi City Courts , in Protest against the attack on the Member of the Karachi Bar .

And at the same time they have even criticized the citing Chief Justice of Supreme Court , Iftikhar Chaudhry , who is known for his Suo Moto Actions , but it is regretful to say that , he can take a Suo Moto Action , on couple of Slap of a Woman , 2 Bottles of wines recovered from a Celebrity , But looks Blind , Deaf and Dumb , when it comes to the Killing of Shia Community Members , who are identified , targeted , and slaughtered by the terrorist ,but the Coward Chief Justice , who have no respect for law and have campaigned for his Personal benefits and the Benefits of the Sponsors of his Campaign “ Under the Banner of Re Instatement of Judiciary “ which was nothing but a foreign financed and sponsored Campaign to remove the Sitting President , as the then President was so Powerful , that even the Only Super Power was afraid from him and was afraid of his action against the LaL Masjid , which was the Den of Terrorist , and the agents of CIA , the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who are working in the best interest of their US Masters

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