A Shia Jeweller Martyred By the attack of TTP Terrorists in Quetta

JNN 15 Oct 2012 Quetta : Balochistan again under terrorist attack as terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , under the Umbrella of  Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , again targeted Shia Men on 14th Oct 2012 , at Abdul Sattar Road, due to which Mohd.Ishaq , and Muhammad embraced Martyrdom, while 2 others Injured. 

According to the details 5 Shia Men in two separate cars , all belonging to the same family, were going home after closing their Shop in the cars No.  ADY- 895,اور CS- 9745, as when they reached Abdul Sattar Road the Assailants , who might be waiting for them opened fire , on both the cars , due to which all of the 5 occupants of both the cars were critically injured , while Muhammad Ishaq and Muhammad embraced Martyrdom, while other were shifted to the CMH .

The Injured Haji Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Hafeez , and Muhammad Salman are under treatment in the Hospital , while the bodies of the Martyrs were shifted to the Anjuman e Hussaini Qandhari Imambargah where there funeral prayer was offered On Monday after Zuhrain Prayer at about 3.00p.m

The Martyr Muhammad Ishaq was the owner of a Jewellery Shop in Liaqat Bazar Area.

The Injured and the Martyred Shia Men , were of the same  family.

The Leaders of Shia Community have deeply condemned the Target Killing of Shia Men , as when the whole country is mourning on the attack of a Young Girl Malala Yousuf zai by the Taliban,  No body is there to take Notice of the Shia Target Killing , as are they waiting for the Shia Community to rise up against all odds and take the Law in their own hands and Kill the Perperators , and do Justice in the Atmosphere where No one is ready even to Listen the gruesome condition , which the Shia Community is facing . And even after all this there are still some Religious Parties of Pakistan , who on the face condemn the incident , but still do not condemn the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan or its allied Groups like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi or Jamaat ul Dawa.

Are these Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist , so Powerful or they are so favorite of some Establishment Members that no body can take action against them , while they are ready to Kill any body and every body they wish and can Dis Integrate Pakistan on One Hand and Malign Islam on the other Hand.

But as the Community members are now of confirm belief , that even the Establishment is part of this Devilish Plan , other wise there would have been some reaction on such gruesome conditions. Where even the existence of Pakistan is on the stake , and still the Establishment is Playing Flute , as Nero was Playing Flute when the Rome was Burning.

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