Within 24 Hrs 7 Shia Men including An Advocate , An Activist ,4 Scrap Dealer martyred by the firing of LeJ , TTP terrorist in Karachi , Quetta & Parachanar

JNN 16 Oct 2012 Karachi : On Tuesday Four members of the Shia Hazara community were martyred  in the scrap market of Quetta, Another Shia Man Shaukat Hussain  was Martyred in Parachanar, While another Young Shia Man , Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah s/o Syed Shams ud din Shah was Martyred in the limits of Peerabad P.S , Karachi , While the Shia Advocate Waqar Hussain who was critically injured in an attack by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan on 12th Oct , and was under treatment embraced Martydom , as could not scum to his fatal wounds.

The Bright sun light of the day , Became fatal for 4 Shia Hazara Men , as they were carrying on with their routine daily business when the Assailants Belonging to the Lashkar e Jhangvi came on Motor bikes , who are working in close coordination with the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan  terrorist who have created a Havoc across Pakistan , came and fired indiscriminately , on one of the shop of the Scrap & Junk Yard Market on Sarki Road , Quetta , due to which 4 Shia Hazara Men , Ali Ata s/o Taj Mohd, Mohd. Ibrahim s/o Taj Mohd, Syed Ayooz s/o Syed Haider and Ghulam Ali s/o Zahid were fatally injured , But as the firing was so intense all the four were fatally injured , and could not scum to their injuries , and embraced Martyrdom on the way to the Hospital , while their bodies were transferred to the Civil Hospital  , Quetta.

All those killed ran junk and scrap shops in Kabari Market in Quetta, where sectarian and separatist violence is common.

“It was a sectarian attack. Gunmen on motorbikes opened fire on them and drove away,” Asif Ghafoor, a senior police official, told AFP.

Riasat Ali, another police official confirmed the incident and told AFP that the victims were critically injured and died on their way to hospital.

All the Martyrs were the residents of Alamdar Road , Hazara Town .

The Funeral Procession of all the Martyrs were taken out from the Nechari Imambargah around 5.00p.m , from where In the presence of hundreds of Mourners , friends and family members was taken to the Bahisht e Zainab , Hazara Graveyard , where there Funeral Prayers was offered , and after which the Burial of all the Martyrs was performed .

The province, which borders Afghanistan and Iran, Has been especially infested by the Shia Target Killing as the Terrorist Organizations sponsored by the CIA , like Jundullah , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , and the Top most Leader of them Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan are being tasked to eliminate the Shia Community , as to make way to create a Buffer Wahabi state which can help them in cross border terrorism in the neighbor , emerging Power of the region, Iran as which is the Only state who have Openly challenged the US and the Zionist regime of Israel , and is even capable of counter the threats given by the US and Israel , and due to which The Shia Community in Pakistan is being targeted as they feel that they have to weaken the support from the surrounding countries . and Plus Saudia Arab is also fueling these Wahabi terrorist Organistion who are toeing their Mythology  around the World . And as they are also afraid of the Irani Revolution Led by Ayatollah Khomeni , which have exposed the Injustices of the Saudi Monarchy , who have usurped the Land and the Wealth of the Muslims of the World.

In the limits of Parachanar , A Momin named Shaukat Hussain  was targeted when he was on his way to Sada Bazar , He was being fired upon Multiple Bullets by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist , due to which he was critically injured , and as the Assailants fled away , he was taken to the PCR Hospital , where he was given the Medical care , but even after giving all the necessary Medical Care , he could not survive , as the Bullets injuries were fatal , and due to heavy loss of Blood , he succumbed to his injuries and embraced Martyrdom , after a couple of hours of reaching the Hospital.

He was the resident of Gawadar, Balochistan.

According to the details Funeral Procession of their deceased Member who was Murdered yesterday ,  was taken out by the Terrorist Of Banned Organisation Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the limits of District West , and as  it was taken out to terrorize the Innocent Karachites , and to create fear and harassment , which it proved , as when it reached the limits of Qasba Colony # 2 1/2, near Imambargah Ali , so the participants of the Procession started Unprovoked firing on the Imambargah , on which the guard Present at the Imam bargah , in his self defence retaliated and fired couple of rounds , on which they ran away as they always terrorize the Unarmed Innocent People , But as the rally reached the famous Kati Pahari , which is also their Den , they again started firing , and due to which A Shia Man Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah s/o Syed Sham ud din Shah who was also associated with the Political Party PPP,  was injured due to bullets fired at him , who embraced Martyrdom at the spot , and after medico Legal formalities , his body was shifted to the Imambargah Babul ilm , North Nazimabad.

The Funeral Prayer of the Martyr was offered at Imambargah Babul Ilm at around 5.30 p.m , in the presence of hundreds of friends , family members and the Members of Pakistan People’s Party , who attended his funeral Prayers.

Furtther more , the Shia Advocate Waqar Hussain s/o Ahmed Hussain , who was attacked by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , at Teen Hati Near Martin Quarters Area, on 12th Oct , he had received 6 Bullet wounds , for which he was admitted to the Agha Khan Hospital , and was under treatment , and had gone under several Operation , for the removal of the Bullets from his Body, He was fighting for his life , as the doctors were also giving full attention , but due to the severity of the internal wounds , he could not survive and embraced Martyrdom on Tuesday 16th Oct , 2012 .

The whole of the Shia community is very much disturbed on the The Shia Target Killing which has escalated in multiple folds , while the Establishment is still trying to negotiate with the terrorist , as it looks that even the forces of Pakistan are afraid of these terrorist Organisations , while their touts the Wahabi Mullahs are still trying to give an image as if these terrorist Organisations are raided or any action is taken against them  , then they might retaliate , who are not even 1% of the electoral Process , and at the cost of these 1-2% of the electoral Process is trying to give an impression that they represent whole of the Nation , and the 30% Peace loving Shia Population of Pakistan is being sacrificed , for these bunch of terrorists . As these terrorist who are armed and think that they can force the Masses to come under their Wahabi Influence , but they don’t know if this nation , will even think of arming them selves in self defence , then there will be no terrorist left in the streets of Pakistan , while there will be Nooses all around the streets , with which these terrorist will be hanged in Public , and the History will be written in the streets of Pakistan.

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