Deadly Shia Target Killing claims another 4 Shia Mens lives , including a LHC Advocate , Sub Inspector , Retailer by the terrorist of TTP

JNN 19 Oct 2012 Lahore : Another Shia Advocate S.Shakir Ali Rizvi embraced Martyrdom , due to the targeted attack near Lahore High Court by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , While On the same day in  Karachi  Zeeshan s/o Mohd. Vikky embraced Martyrdom by the firing of LeJ Terrorist in Orangi Town. On the 18th Oct Mujahid Ali s/o Asghar Ali was martyred in Pishin , Balochistan , by the firing of TTP Terrorist .  .while earlier On 17th Oct , S. Ali Raza Rizvi s/o S. Surror Hussain Rizvi , 27 was Martyred in Qasba Colony , Karachi , in the same targeted attack of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan Terrorist .

As per according to the details ,On 19 Oct ,  In the early hours of the day when the Advocate Shakir was coming out from his car infront of his office , situated in the Back side of the Lahore High Court , the Assailants who were 4 in No, and who had come on two Motorcycles , targeted him and fired Multiple rounds due to which he was fatally injured , as the Assailants sped away after committing the Henious Crime , He was shifted to the Ganga Ram Hospital, but as the Bullet injuries were fatal , so he embraced Martyrdom on the way to the Hospital. As on arrival at the Hospital he was declared Dead On Arrival.

His funeral Prayer was offered at his Islam Pura Residence, which was attended by a Large Number of his family , friends , community Members and People from all cross sections of the society. From where his body was taken for Burial at the Local Grave Yard.

He was a Senior Advocate of the High Court , and was also the Lawyer for the Jailed Shia Leader of Sipah e Muhammad Pakistan , Ghulam Raza Naqvi for the Last 13 Years,  And it was due to his efforts that Ghulam Raza Naqvi has been acquitted in all the forge cases against him , accept the Last one , in which there is no strong evidence against him , but due to Non prosecution and delay tactics of the Government and the Judiciary , he has been up till now not granted Bail , or the case have been finalized, while at the same time the Notorious Terrorist and the Killer of Shia Men , The Founder of Lashkar e Jhangvi , Malik Ishaq whose cases are still being Pending , but have been granted Bail, and have been out of Jail. Instead of Being convicted of the Shia Men Murders , which he have even Publicly claimed him self.

Shakir was the elder Brother of Ali Rizvi , the Senior Reporter of ARY NEWS .

As the News reached the Lahore High Court Bas Association , an Urgent call for the Strike was given , with in the Premises of the Lower Courts and all the cases were suspended , and the Lawyers Boycotted the Hearing in Protest.

After the Shia Doctors ,The Shia Lawyers are the second worst hit Professional , who are being targeted and Martyred , as they are the defenders of the law and are trying to Perform their duties , by safe guarding the Interest of the Innocent Shia community , as they are being Martyred on one hand , and on the other hand , they are being arrested and Prosecuted even by the Government , as the best Example of this is the Long term Jail of Ghulam Raza Naqvi , who has not been convicted in a Single case out of Dozens of cases , but still he is not being released from the Jail , or even being granted Bail, as the Judiciary is not Independent , and they comply with the orders of the High Ups in the Government .

On the same ill fated Day 19th Oct , Another Momin Zeeshan was Martyred , by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, in the Limits of Orangi Town, and targeting him Proved that the Terrorist Organization Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan is Not only Killing Shia Men , but are also Killing Ahle Sunnat Brothers , as He belonged to the Ahle Sunnat Sect family , but was in Love with Ahlul Bait , upto such a limit that he was a staunch believer of Ahlul Bait and upto such a limit , that he was a famous Matmi of Anjuman Dar e Butool , and it was his such pure Love for the Ahlul Bait that his Brother and his family insisted that his funeral and Last rights should be Performed according to the Shia Beliefs , and thus his body was shifted to the Imambargah Shah e Karbala Rizvia Society, where his funeral Prayer was performed .

He was also an activist of Pakistan People’s Party.

On the same 17th Oct in Karachi, The terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan’s Killer Squad Lashkar e Jhangvi’s Men attacked at the Raza Autos , The Auto Parts shop situated at the Outer side of the Ali Imambargah , Qasba Colony, No. 2 ½ , as it should be noted that it is the same Imambargah  Ali, which was about 4 days back also attacked by the Participants of the funeral Procession of a SSP activist , who fired Several Rounds at the Imam bargah , but due to the Aerial Firing of the Guard present at that time, the terrorist Involved ran away , but today they came back with the vengeance , and came direct to the shop and fired Several rounds targeting Ali Raza , who was alone at the shop at that time , due to the Fatal Bullet wounds he could not survive and embraced Martyrdom on the spot .

His funeral Prayer was performed at the Qasba Colony Imambargah , which was led by the Shia Leader Molana Mirza Yousuf Hussain , while his Burial was performed at the Wadi e Hussain Grave Yard, Super Highway.

Ali Raza have left behind 3 Children and a Widow , while his aging Mother , Mobina Zehra , could not absorb the shock and could not survive the Death of his Young Son ,as she also passed away with in the Next 24 Hrs , after the news of his son’s Martyrdom reached her. She passed away on 18th Oct, 2012 .

On 18th Oct in the limits of Pishin , Balochistan , the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , struck again and targeted the Member of the LEA , Mujahid Ali , Sub Inspector Police , who embraced Martyrdom in the attack of the Terrorist .

He was the Native of Punjab Province , so his body was shifted to his native Town for his funeral and Burial Services.

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