2 Gaurds Martyred 5 Injured in a Suicide Bomber attack at Imam Hussain (AS) Mosque Chabahar, Iran

JNN 22 Oct 2012 DUBAI – A suicide bomber Martyred  two guards as he blew himself up outside a mosque in a restive southern province of Iran on Friday after being prevented from reaching worshippers inside, Iranian media reported.

The bomber set off his explosive belt a few hundred meters (yards) outside the Imam Hossein mosque in the city of Chabahar, killing two members of the Basij militia that were on guard, Fars news agency reported.

“Eyewitnesses said the attacker was trying to get inside the mosque but he was identified by members of the Basij,” Fars reported.

Six others, including three children, sustained injuries in the explosion, it said.

Chabahar is in Sistan-Baluchistan province, adjacent to the Pakistani border. It has a history of unrest, due ot penetration of US sponsosred Terrorist from the neighboring Pakistani Province Baluchistan , where there is a heavy presence of  US agents the Wahabi Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and other allied groups Like Jundullah who are being financed heavily by Saudi Arabia and US to create unrest in Pakistan and to create a buffer state , where they can implant and create a force of which can help destabilize Pakistan and create unrest in Iran at the same time and that is the reason these groups are Killing the Shia Population in the Pakistan and infesting terrorism in both the neighboring countries.

An attack by two suicide bombers at the same mosque in 2010 killed 39 people including women and children during a religious ceremony.

The Wahabi US Sponsored  group Jundollah, which says it is fighting for better rights for Sunni Muslims in Iran, claimed responsibility for that attack, which it said was in revenge for the execution of its leader, Abdolmalek Rigi, who was responsible for terrorism and creating Unrest in Iran .

The group is believed to be based in Pakistan and since 2003 has claimed a number of attacks and kidnappings inside Iranian territory.

In its most audacious attack, it targeted a meeting of Revolutionary Guards and tribal figures from Sistan-Baluchistan in October 2009, killing six senior commanders and 29 others.

Iran says Jundollah has links to al Qaeda and has accused Pakistan, Britain and the United States of supporting it to stir instability in its southeast. The three countries deny backing Jundollah. But the fact remains at the core that US and Saudi Monarchy is sponsoring the New breed of Wahabi terrorist , Under the Banner of Al Qaida and Taliban , and their allied groups who are teaming and trying to establish a new terrorist wing in the Middle eastern and Muslim Countries to infest them before the Muslims Unite and become an Unbreakable Super Power of the World.

As Islam is the fastest growing religion of the World and , as per the data released by the International Statistics in another 10 – 15 years time , Islam will be the leading Religion of the World , with the Majority of the World Population as Muslims , so the Zionist and the Western Powers have made a Plan to defame Islam and to have Penetration through their Infested terrorist groups like Al Qaida and Taliban , so they can have their game Plan fixed before Hand .

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