6 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom due to the firing and IED Blast by SSP & TTP , in Karachi and FATA.

JNN 23 Oct 2012 Karachi : On Monday a Shia Journalist S.Ali Raza Shah s/o S.Aashiq Hussain was targeted by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Khada area , Lyari , near Fish Market , due to which he was fatally injured , and embraced Martyrdom at the spot .

His body was shifted to the Ghusal Khana in Kharadar , while his Funeral Prayer was offered on Tuesday after the zuhrain Prayers , at the Badda Imambargah , Kharadar . while his Burial was done at the Ali Bagh Grave Yard.

He was a Journalist working for a Local eveninger Daily Newspaper “ Janbaaz ” . He was also the General Secretary of the Matmi Anjuman “ Ya Ali Maddad ” .

OnMonday In the North Nazimabad Block M area at a Fast Food Center the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ ) struck again and targeted  a Shia Man Zohaib Ali s/o Hassan Ali , 30 But to terrorize they also fired at  3 other Persons accompanying him who were critically injured , namely , Babu s/o  Yaqoob ,28,  Asif s/o Naek Mohd. , Sohail s/o Yaqoob, 25 , who belonged to the Ahle Sunnat Sect .

The injured were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , Out which Zohaib and Babu were in critical condition , they were operated , but could not survive , Zohaib and Babu embraced Martyrdom on Tuesday,as they could not scumb to their fatal injuries ,  one after the other , with a difference of couple of Hours.

The Body of Zohaib Ali was Shifted to the Central Imambargah , Jaffar e Tyar ,Society, where his Funeral Prayer was offered On Tuesday after Magribain Prayers , in the presence of Hundreds of His friends ,family and Shia Community Members .

The Ahle Sunnat Brother who was also Killed by the ASWL terrorist firing , was the Only Brother to 5 Sister , and was about to be Married in the next 15 days, but due the terrorist activities of SSP Not only Shia Community Members Ahle Sunnat Community as well is bearing the Pain & suffering , as the Munafiqs of SSP , are neither friends of Ahle Sunnat , or well Wishers they are Just a Bunch of Terrorist who are towing the Policies of Chaos and Unrest in Pakistan , and have taken a cover of sectarianism , to make the situation more complex for the Normal Common Innocent Peace loving Pakistani Citizens.

On Monday 2 Shia Police official Riaz Shah and Mumtaz Ali were also targeted in the Nusrat Bhutto Colony, due to the firing of the SSP terrorists , both were critically injured ,and were shifted to the Agha Khan Hospital. Where Riaz Shah scumbed to his Injuries and embraced Martyrdom , while Mumtaz is still under treatment .

Three Shia Men were Martyred and another six were injured when an improvised explosive device (IED) planted by a roadside in Zeridar area of Lower Orakzai Agency exploded on Friday.

An official of the political administration said that around 1:30pm an IED exploded near a passenger pickup van loaded with passengers en route to Dourhanki from Kohat.

According to the official, the injured were taken to the Kohat Divisional Hospital, adding that all the passengers were from Mani Khel tribe in the agency. The deceased have been identified as Liaqat Ali, Ali and Ghafoor Hussain. Zafar Ali, Noor Taj Ali, Gulshan Ali, Naib Ali and Kamal Hussain are among the injured.

Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist have been engaged in the attacks in the area  for the Last So Many years . And due to which the Tal Parachanar Road was even closed for years and These terrorist are also engaged in the Anti State Activities as Now they have even claimed the attack on the Malala Yousufzai, which even US condemns , but even after that US is not ready to take any concrete action against them as the one who was directly involve in the attack Mulla Fazlulullah is in Afghanistan , according to the reports , and even after extremely heavy presence of US forces in Afghanistan , they are not taking any action against him or the Tehrik e Taliban , as they are towing the US Interest , as they are fully sponsored by the CIA.

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