3 Shia Men Martyred During Eid Holidays, including a Printer in a targetted attack by SSP and TTP terrorist in Karachi and D.I.Khan

JNN 30th Oct 2012 Karachi : The Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan who have nothing to do with Islam or the Religion or the Religious  Days sanctity , On Sunday 28th Oct , 2nd Day of Eid Ul Azha Martyred another Shia Activist S. Mehmood Ali Zaidi s/o S.Musharaf. Zaidi , 36 , in the limits of Nazimabad P.S , Karachi. While 2 another Shia Men were Martyred in a Grenade Attack on Shia SHO House in D.I.Khan .

According to the details , Mehmood was on his way when the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba , who were very much active in the area of Nazimabad No. 2 , and where at least 4 -5 Shia Men have been targeted and Martyred by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan terrorist in the Past , have once again re surfaced and are engaged in the illegal activities of terrorism , as they targeted Mehmood near Nafees Chambers , Nazimabad No. 2,  who was on his way , who targeted him and fired Multiple Bullets at him , due to which he was fatally injured , and could not scumb to his bullet injuries and embraced Martyrdom on the spot . His Body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , for Medico Legal formalities , after which the body was shifted to the Imambargah Shah e Karbala Rizvia Society .

His funeral Prayers was offered on Monday , 3rd Oct after Maghribain Prayers at the Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society , which was attended by a large No. of Shia Community Members among which Shia Notables , includes the Names of Allama Abbas Kumaili, Molana Ali Mohd Naqvi, Shabbar Raza, and others.While his Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain , Graveyard , SuperHighway , Karachi.

Mehmood was a Printer By Profession and involved in the Different Publications , including the religious Publications  , and was a dedicated Shia , He was engaged in a lot of religious and Social community Projects , He was an Active Member of Abu Talib Foundation , and was even so much involved in Social Projects , that since childhood he was performing the duty of supplying Water to the Momineen during Religious Processions and Majalis at Sabeels . He use to have his Sabeel at the Nishtar Park , Karachi , for complete 68 Days of Mourning .

As the Shia community is under attack through out the world by the Zionist and their infested agents , especially across Pakistan which is under a web of Zionist agents , and due to which  house of the  Shia Police Officer ,Ghazanfar ,  the SHO of the Local Police Station ,was attacked by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , as  A hand grenade was thrown at his house situated near the Basti  Ustrana , Taank , D.I.Khan , area of Punjab.

As a result of this terrorist attack  2 Shia Men were martyred , while 7 others were injured , The Martyred were , Zeeshan Haider s/o Mohd. Naseer and Yasir Ali s/o Sharaf Ali  ,while the injured includes Nadeem , Nazacut , Munawar , Mohsin Ali, Hassan Ali , Mukhtar and Shahbaz

All the injured were rushed to the DHQ Hospital, but Zeeshan and Yasir could not scumb to their injuries , while other are now said to be in the recovery process,

Analysis :

Now the whole of the World is questioning the difference between the Shia Community members who are shot in the head or chest but could not survive , due to the severity of the wounds , while at the same time , when a Young Pushtoon Girl , Malala Yousufzai , an US sponsored Pakistani Child is shot in the head , she gets the best of treatment , and so much so that for her injuries , as per the local doctors , that she can be cured and Operated in Pakistan , but still she was Airlifted in the Air Ambulance to UK , in the World Best Medical facilities , As this Drama was staged with the help of the US sponsored Agents in Pakistan , The Tehrik e Talliban Pakistan who claimed the attack and shot the Young Girl , were US sponsored and are working in the best Interest of The CIA , and on the orders of CIA, while the Young Girl who is shot was also sponsored by the CIA, and is working in the best Interest of the CIA and US , has taken the task to teach another lesson to the Pakistani Citizens , that Your Loyalty to the US and CIA , pays , while if you are a Patriot Pakistani , then you may have to die of even the weakest illness and wounds and Nobody is there to take care of you.

So the lesson to the Pakistanis and the rest of the world is that  if you want to get the best of the World , then you have to be Loyal to the US and CIA, like Shakeel Afridi , and Malala Yousufzai, who are awarded By the So Called Super Power of the World, But it is Important to tell here that , You are not always awarded as like this , as once you are of no use , or even your death and torture is beneficial for the CIA and the US , then you should also be ready to face the consequences like Zia Ul Haq , who was Killed in an Mid Air Blast , supposed to be planned and executed by CIA , or it may be Saddam Hussain , who was another example of US and CIA abandoning as His Death was More beneficial , so he was Hanged in the Presence of US and CIA teams in Iraq and who were even in control of the situation , but was even then not rescued.

So as Yazeed and his followers are still alive till date , at the same time Hussaini followers are still alive , to fight the Oppressers like US and Saudi Yazids of the Present Era, who are the Biggest Munafiqeen and are working in the best Interest of Zionist to defame Islam and to Disintegrate the Muslims of the World , as their fore fathers wanted to do , under the Cover of Islam .

As Written even in the Holiest Book of Islam , Holy Quran , Munafiqeen are the Worst enemies of Islam and Muslims , worst than the Infidels , and even in the Ranks of Hell , they are ranked as the Occupants of the Worst Degree , So the Muslims should be aware of these facts and should always be ready to figure out the Munafiqeens in Islam , as they deceit and camouflage the Muslims by trying to  mislead and Disguise themselves as the True Muslims, but actually they are the enemies of Islam , under the cover of Islam and looks like Muslims .

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