4 Shia Men Martyred due to the firing and Target Killing of SSP and TTP in Karachi , Quetta , Parachinar

JNN 06 Nov 2012 Quetta : On Sunday Quetta Once again saw The Taliban Terrorist hitting again the Young Shia Man Haseeb Raza on Sarki Road , he was martyred by the terrorist firing.Same day 2 Shia Men were Martyred ,while another Shia man was injured and another abducted in the Sorsorang area, Pewarh, Kurrum Agency , and On Saturday a Young Shia Man was targeted & Martyred at at His Mobile shop at the Anday Mor , North Karachi . Another  Injured Shia Man Sajjad Ali , who was injured due to the firing &  torture of SSP terroris also embraced Martyrdom due to the fatal wounds .

According to the details Young Haseeb Raza Zaidi was Passing through the Sarki Road in a Rickshaw with His Mother and Sister , when the Taliban Terrorist Intercepted their Rickshaw and Pulled Young Haseeb out of the Rickshaw , and fired upon Multiple Bullets infront of his Mother and sister , due to which he was fatally injured and was later on transferred to the Civil Hospital where he was declared Dead On Arrival , from where his body was transferred to the Nichari Imambargah .

His funeral Prayer was held on Monday at the Nichari Imambargah.

The Supreme Court has already questioned the Legitimacy of the Balochistan’s provincial Government from the federal government ,as it has Miserably failed to deliver the Basic Security to the Citizens of the Province .

On the same day In Kurrum Agency ,In another Incident 4 Innocent Peace loving Shia Men , who have gone for Picking woods from the forest in the Sorsorang area, Pewarh, Parachinar,Kurrum Agency ,FATA for their Domestic Use , were ambushed by the Taliban Terrorist , the terrorist fired upon the Unarmed Shia Men , due to which Dildar Hussain was martyred on the spot , while Qamar and Javed were critically injured and the fourth Men was abducted by the Taliban Terrorist .

It should also be noted that in the Afghan  Border area behind the Notorious Mountains of Tora Bora the forest Is the Property of the Shiite Community of Pewar and Shalozan Villages , but Unfortunately these forests and the adjacent Mountains are being Occupied by the Taliban terrorist , and who have attacked Dozens of Shiite Community Members of the adjacent areas , and due to which a Number of Shia community members have embraced Martyrdom, and several have been disabled.

On Saturday In Karachi , at Night when the Young Shia Man S.Hammad Ali Rizvi son of Hussain Ali , 28 was sitting at his mobile shop situated at the famous Anda Mor of North Karachi , when the terrorists of Lashkar e Jhangvi , the Killer squad of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , stormed into the shop. They asked him to recite Kalma, after which they fired upon him , due to the firing he and his cousin present at the shop were critically injured .

Hammad received 3 Bullet Injuries at his Neck and Chest , which were fatal , both were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , but Hammad was declared Dead on Arrival , from where his body was shifted to the Imambargah Shuhuda e Karbala , Sadaat Colony , F.B.Area.

His funeral Prayer was offered on Sunday at Imam bargah Shuhuda Karbala after Zuhrain Prayers, while his Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain , Super Highway.

On 2nd Nov Another Momin Sajjad Ali embraced Martyrdom , who was abducted and was tortured by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan on 16 Oct 2012 , and later he was also fired upon in the Agra Taj Colony area of Lyari Town, Due to which he had received 3 Bullet injuries and injuries due to the torture by hitting with a Iron Rod, he was since then admitted to the Local Hospital for treatment ,but as the bullet injuries were so fatal , that he could not scumb to his injuries , and embraced Martyrdom on Thursday in the Hospital ,

He was a Political Activist , and was associated with Shia Ulema Council.

His funeral Prayer was offered at Imam bargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society, on Saturday , in the presence of Hundred of Shia Community Members and Leaders of various Religious Parties , which includes Allama Jaffar Subhani , Molana Ali Mohd. Naqvi, Later his body was taken in a Procession to Wadi e Hussain , Graveyard , for His Burial .

The Shia Leaders and Notables have endorsed and demanded the Operation Clean up by the Armed Forces against the Taliban and its allied groups from North Waziristan till the Metropolis of Karachi , as they have already Heavily penetrated in the whole system , and now it is a Do Or Die Operation , as if they are not now being checked and Mutilated By the LEA’s , then the existence of Pakistan will be heavily at risk , which has already been at the brink of Civil war due to the presence of these terrorist groups working in the best Interest of US and Saudi Monarchy on the nefarious designs of Dis Integration of Pakistan in the name of Islam.

As if any concrete step are not taken at this point against these Taliban sponsored groups working in all the corners of Pakistan , then Pakistan will be wiped out from the Map of the World , by the Evil forces working from Inside and Outside at the same time . And the litmus test for these groups is the Shia Community as all the groups working against the Shia community  in the name of sectarianism are actually taking cover of sectarianism , but are actually working for the disintegration of Pakistan , fully and wholly sponsored by the Saudi and US Governments.

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