5 Shia Men Embraced Martyrdom , including JAP Leader ,Banker , By TTP terrorist in Quetta and Karachi

JNN 7 Nov 2012 Karachi : In the early hours of Tuesday 2 Shia Men Zakir e Ahlebait , Allama Aftab Haider s/o Mairaj Haider 45, and Shahid Ali Mirza s/o Sadiq Ali Mirza 55, who were Targetted by the Taliban Terrorist near Parking Plaza embraced Martyrdom , in the Limits of Brigade P.S, Karachi. While Later in the day , 5 Shia Hazara Men were Targeted and fired Upon in Quetta By Taliban Terrorist , due to which 3 of them embraced Martyrdom who are Mohammed Esa s/o Sheikh Nabi, Mohammed Zaman S/O Muraad Ali and Rehman alias Lala , while 2 were critically injured were Hussain Ali and Mohammed Ali.

As per the details , Allama Aftab Haider and Shahid Ali who were working for a Local Bank , and use to go to office together , living in the same Lines Area of Karachi , as per their daily schedule Left in their Car for their office , and as they reached near the Parking Plaza Building ,the Assailants of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan who have already targeted them , Intercepted them and fired Indiscriminately at them , due to which both embraced Martyrdom on the spot .

The bodies were Shifted to Jinnah Hospital for Medico Legal formalities , after which both of them were shifted to the Fatmiyah Community Center , Near Masjid e Shah e Khurasan ,for the funeral Process .

According to the Medical Report Aftab received at least 17 bullets all in the face and chest region, while Shahid was hit by around 7- 8 bullets also in the Face and Chest area.

Bomb Defused

Around Mid Day , as due to heavy Presence of Hundred of Mourners in the Area around the Numaish Crossing was sealed off for the regular traffic .

And as the Young Scouts were clearing the Roads Near the Road Turning adjacent to the Masjid e Tahfuz e Namoos e Risalat , they came over by a Big Concrete Camouflaged Stone on the Side of the Road , and as they tried to throw it off, they realized that it is a Bomb , which was immediately reported to the LEA’s , and the Bomb Disposal Squad was called up , which came and defused the IED (Bomb) , which is said to be about 6 Kg in size , and if the Scouts would not have checked it off , then it could have again resulted in  Heavy casualty & destruction .

The presence of a suspect concrete block near Gate No. 2 of the Mazar-e-Quaid, was Identified by young Scouts , who were just clearing up the access to the Intended way to the Suggested Place of the Funeral Prayers to be held Little later.

“If the bomb would have gone off, a minimum of 150 people would have died,” said ASP Malik. “Apparently, the same group was behind the targeted killing [of the two Shia men] and planting the bomb.”

The remote-controlled bomb weighed six kilogrammes and also contained ball bearings, according to a bomb disposal expert. The explosives were concealed in a packet designed like a concrete block connected with two batteries. “Over half a dozen bombs have been defused this year and all of them bore resemblance with each other,” he added.

Funeral Procession :

The Funeral Prayer of both the Martyrs was offered on the Numaish Crossing around 7.30p.m , in the presence of thousands of Mourners, and Well Wishers and Religious Scholars and Political Leaders.

The Funeral Prayers was attended By Allama Abbas Kumaili ( JAP ), Molana Ali Mohd. Naqvi (HYO) , Molana Sadiq Taqvi ( MWM) ,Molana Asghar Hussain Shaheedi , Molana Hassan Zafar Naqvi ( MWM) , Molana Jaffar Subhani ( SUC ) , Ali Ausat , Waheed Chacha and others.

As The Funeral of the Martyr Aftab Haider and Shahid Ali , started its Journey from the Numaish Crossing towards its destination , Waadi , It had already got the Shia Media coverage , So the Funeral Procession  started soaring in Numbers.

And till had reached the Liaqatabad area , the Number was much above Ten thousand Persons , with People in More than a Dozen Buses , Hundreds of Private Cars , and Bikes , and this was the time when some Miscreants entered the Procession .

At about Liaqautabad No.10 , some of the Miscreants Pelted some stones on the Rangers Personnel In retaliation to the detoriate law and order situation ,the  at duty on the other side of the Road , On which the Rangers Personnel who should have showed restrain as they were not on the War front or dealing with criminals on the Borders , they were stationed in the Metropolis , the Biggest city of Pakistan and still they acted like bunch of Hooligans who directly and straightly fired indiscriminately at the Participants of the funeral Procession of two Martyrs , who were Martyred , because these LEA’s who are Being Paid and are hired on the tax money these Innocent People who were left Unprotected , without security to be killed by the Trained Killers and above all these LEA’s Personnel , and especially the Rangers , who should not have any authority to fire at the Unarmed Legal Citizens of Pakistan.

Due to the firing three participants of the funeral Procession Faraz, Waseem and Qasim were fatally injured , who were rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , who were later declared Dead ,as they could not scumb to their Injuries caused by the firing of Rangers.

In the mean time The funeral Procession Proceed towards its destination , after the firing of the Rangers at the Liaqatabad , the Rangers Personnel were called off , from the security of the Procession. And the Procession went ahead without the security cover of the Rangers Peacefully towards Wadi e Hussain .

At the destination Both the Martyrs were laid to rest in the presence of thousands of Mourners and weeping eyes.

Same day Quetta also wept blood tears as the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan once again struck the Shia Hazara Community members , as 5 Shia Men were travelling by a taxi , and as they reached the Ispani Road , the Assailants of Tehrik e Taliaban Pakistan intercepted the taxi and fired Indiscriminately on it .

As a result All the five occupants of the taxi , were critically injured , and as the assailants left the scene after committing the Henious crime , all the five Men were transferred to the Bolan Medical Center .

The Injured were given the medical assistance , but 3 of the Injured could not scumb to their Injuries and embraced martyrdom , who were Mohammed Esa S/O Sheikh Nabi, Mohammed Zaman S/O Muraad Ali and Rehman alias Lala while 2 injured Hussain Ali and Mohammed Ali are still on Medical assistance . And their friends and family have requested all the Community Members to Pray for the early recovery of the Injured.

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