Rangers Personnel firing at the funeral Procession Martyred 3 Young Shia Men

JNN 07 Nov 2012 Karachi : Late Tuesday Evening during the funeral Procession of Allama Aftab Haider Another 3 Young Shia Men S. Faraz. Haider .Rizvi  s/o S. Zia Haider Rizvi , 42 , Waseem Naqvi s/o S.Jaffar Ali Naqvi , 45 and Qasim Ali s/o Hassan Akhtar was shot by the Rangers firing at the Funeral Participants , who later scumb to their  injuries and embraced Martyrdom.

As The Funeral of the Martyr Aftab Haider and Shahid Ali , started its Journey from the Numaish Crossing towards its destination , Waadi e Hussain ,It had already got the Shia Media coverage, So the Funeral Procession  started soaring in Numbers.

And till had reached the Liaqatabad area , the Number was much above Ten thousand Persons , with People in More than a Dozen Buses , Hundreds of Private Cars , and Bikes , and this was the time when some Miscreants entered the Procession .

At about Liaqautabad No.10 , some of the Miscreants Pelted some stones on the Rangers Personnel In retaliation to the detoriating law and order situation ,Present on the duty on the other side of the Road .

On which the Rangers Personnel who should have showed restrain as they were not on the War front or dealing with criminals on the Borders , they were stationed in the Metropolis , the Biggest city of Pakistan and still they acted like bunch of Hooligans who directly and straightly fired indiscriminately at the Participants of the funeral Procession of two Martyrs , who were Martyred , because the negligence of these LEA’s who are Being Paid and are hired on the tax money these Innocent People who were left Unprotected , without security to be killed by the Trained Killers and above all these LEA’s Personnel , and especially the Rangers , who should not have any authority to fire at the Unarmed Legal Citizens of Pakistan.

Due to the firing three participants of the funeral Procession Faraz, Waseem and Qasim were fatally injured , who were rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , where they were given the first Aid and the required Medical treatment , But as the Injuries were fatal caused by the Bullets fired from the Long range Riffles , which are used in the Wars and action against the Hard Core criminals , and not in the City Metropolis against the Unarmed Citizens .

As Faraz had received 2 Bullets wounds one in the upper chest and other in the leg , both of the Bullet Penetrated from one side and went out from the other side , one of which penetrated from one side of the rib cage and went out from the other side , causing injury to his heart due to which he could not survive , Waseem received even two bullet one in neck and other in the head.

According to details Faraz Haider was the  production coordinator of the creative department of Geo Television,


As this is not the first Incident , where these Bunch of Hooligans , in the Rangers Uniforms have Killed the Innocent Shia Citizens , where the lives of these Shia Citizens could have been saved , instead they prefer to Kill and it looks , that there are some Black sheeps in this force , which are working on some nefarious Plan , of Purposely creating a rift between the Shia community members and the LEA’s , as they are already being target Killed by the Members of Banned Terrorist Organisations Like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP /ASWL ) , Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ), Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) , Jundullah , and other allied groups and cells,

As the shia Community Members are being Pushed upto the limit against the Wall , so that even the Most Peace loving Community Member should start thinking that , if they want to live , they have to take arms to Protect themselves as , even being the Most Patriotic , and Peace Loving Citizens and Creators of Pakistan , they are not provided security and Protection, while they are being Killed on the first , Like Rats .

As in this case of Aftab Haider’s funeral Procession , if some Miscreants have Penetrated in the Masses , which can not be checked and avoided , and they have pelted stones on Rangers Personnel , which have done No Injury to them , they should have taken other measures , as to deal with the Mob and Masses , as it is done in the civilized Nations, whether it may be Baton Charge , Use of Water Cannons , Use of Tear Gas or if all the earlier trials fails , then at Last they may use Rubber Bullets.And should try to arrest the real culprits . and the Laws are there to Punish the Miscreants . But In no case they should Become the Judge and the Jury and use Live Bullets and Kill the Innocent Shia Citizens , whether on One context or the other.

But firing Live Bullets and Killing 3 Unarmed Shia Participants is Not accepted by any member of the Shia Community .

And now if the Establishment is still not taking any action against the culprits and Killers of the Shia Community , then they should re think , before it is too late , as the time is running short every day , as the miseries of the community are becoming worst every day , as now every family have atleast pictures of Martyrs in their house , if the time lapses then there would be no one to control the situation , as the Youth is a Power , which builds Nations , But lessons can be taken , that if it starts even throwing stones at the Israeli trained army , then even the most cruel army of the world even can not use bulldozers to Bull Doze the Power and strength of the Nation, No matter How small they might be or how weak they may look .

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