A Shia Scholar, 2 Businessman,Police Officer, 4 Young Men, in all 19 Shia Men Martyred in 4 days by the Terrorist of TTP , SSP & LeJ, across Pakistan

JNN 10th Nov 2012 Karachi : Last 96 Hrs witnessed the complete failure of the Present Government as 19 Shia Men were targeted and Martyred in different attacks. As from 9th Nov till 6th Nov atleast 19 Shia Men were martyred by the terrorist of Banned Organisation ,which includes Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban and their other allied groups and cells.

On 9th Nov another Shia Scholar Syed Saeed Haider Zaidi, 50, was targeted by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Karimabad Area ,Karachi who embraced Martyrdom at the spot . Same Day Another Shia Man Ghulam Rasool S/O Mohammed Raza was targeted by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan on Arbab Karam Khan Road,Quetta . On 8th Nov 2 Shia Young Man were targeted by the Lashkar e Jhangvi in the limits of Orangi Town, Karachi who were identified as Najam Abbas, 28 and Nisar Mehdi, 30 .On the same day Another Shia Man Mohammad Dawood was targeted once again by the Tehrik e Taliban Terrorist as they opened fired upon him , due to which he embraced Martyrdom. On 7th Nov 3 Shia Brothers S.Sajjad Hussain Rizvi s/o Zaheer Hussain  38 , S.Jawad Hussain Rizvi , & Raza Hussain Rizvi were targeted by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan Terrorist in the Limits of North Nazimabad , , who fired indiscriminately at the car in which they were going towards their home , due to the firing they were fatally injured , due to which Sajjad Hussain embraced Martyrdom, while the other 2 brothers are under Medical treatment in ICU . On the same Day same city 2 friends Raza and Jehnagir were targeted by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan at Nishan-e-Haider Chowk, Orangi Town sector 11 ½ and who embraced Martyrdom at the spot due to the firing . Same day Same City The Tortured Dead Bodies of 3 Shia Men Malook Shah , Rahib Ali & Farhan Ali were recoverd from Mowach Goth , who were earlier Kidnapped from Musharaf Colony,  District West , Karachi. Same Day same city , Another Shia business Man Shaban s/o Hussain ,40 was martyred by the firing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan terrorist in the Limits of Haroonabad , S.I.T.E Town , Karachi. Same day in Peshawar City , A Shia Police Officer SP Sardar Hilal Haider was targeted by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who detonated himself infront of his Official Car when he reached the famous Qisa Khawani Bazar area , Peshawar , due to which SP Hilal and his 2 Body Gaurds embraced Martydom, while another 36 Men were injured .While on 6th Nov another Shia Man , Zufiqar Ali was Martyred in the Limits of Hub, Balochistan , by the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi terrorists.

According to the details S.Saeed Haider was targeted by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Karimabad , area , while he was boarding a Rickshaw with his Wife , the terrorist fired multiple rounds at him , due to which he was fatally injured

His body was transferred to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , but he could not scumb to the injuries shot twice at his head by the Killers , and was declared Dead On Arrival .

He was a member of Imamia Students Organisation (ISO) Karachi chapter. He had founded a publication house namely Dar us Saqlain in Rizvia Society. He was author and co-author of many books and also edited numerous books. He had worked for Dar us Saqafah also.

He was a true believer of Inter Sectarian Harmony and all his life worked on the same subject. He had worked especially for the Harmony between the two Major Sects , Shia and Sunni Sects of Islam . And In this regard he had given lectures and was the Flag bearer of Islamic Movements. He had always expressed grave concern against all those who fanned sectarian tension , and was of the view that sectarianism is the tool of Zionism and Imperialism , which is used against the Muslims  to disintegrate.

In the Second Incident Ghulam Rasool was intercepted by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan at Arbab Karam Khan Road , and was fired Multiple bullets targeting him , due to which he was fatally injured and was transferred to the Civil Hospital , Quetta. But he could not scumb to the fatal Bullet Injuries and embraced Martyrdom .

His Body was shifted to the Nechari Imambargah , where his funeral Prayers were offered , after which his burial was done at the local Grave Yard.

In the third Incident Najam Abbas and Nisar Mehdi were targeted by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the limits of Orangi Town No.2 , due to firing of the terrorist he was critically injured , after the attack both were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, But could not scumb to the wounds inflicted by the fatal Bullets , and both the Young Men embraced Martyrdom.

Orangi Town has been a den of terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan which has already been notified to the LEA’s , but still NO concrete steps have been taken or any arrests have been made from the area , and it is due to same presence of such terrorist in the area , that a Big Number of Shia Community Members have been already Martyred in the same locality.

The Funeral Prayer of Najam Abbas and Nisar Mehdi was offered at Imambargah e Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society , while their Burial was done at Wadi e Hussain Graveyard , Super Highway , Karachi.

In the fourth Incident , Mohammad Dawood was sitting at his shop of Electronic Items , situated at Mannu Jaan Road , Quetta ,when the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , came in the shope and Opened fire on him , due to which he was fatally injured , as the assailants sped away after the firing , He was shifted to the Civil Hospital , Quetta , But due to the fatal bullet wounds he could not survive and was declared Dead on Arrival at the Hospital

From where his body was shifted to the Imambargah Wali Asr , Barori Hazara Town , where his funeral Prayer was also offered later On , and after which his Burial was done at the local Grave Yard.

According to the details the fifth Incident took place when 3 Shia Brother , Sajjad Hussain , Jawad Hussain  & Raza Hussain was returning home in their car No. AAD 253 , after closing their Electronic Items Shop at Saddar Electronics Market . As they reached KDA Roundabout , North Nazimabad , the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , the Killer Squad of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan attacked their car , and opened indiscriminate fire on all the occupants of the Car. Due to which all the 3 Brothers were fatally injured , after the Incident all the three were rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where Sajjad could not scumb to his fatal bullet Injuries , while Jawad and Raza were given the treatment and were in the ICU and were under Observation .

The Sixth Incident , the same Orangi town area again proved to be a den of terrorist ,where the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan terrorist again struck and targeted 2 Shia Young Man Raza and Jehangir 23, who were sitting in a restaurant in the Orangi Town No. 11 ½ ,  at the Nishan e Haider Chowk, where the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan Pakistan  opened fire on them, Martyring them instantly.

Both men were identified as the Activist of PPP.The bodies  of both the Martyrs were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

The Seventh Incident details are as 3 Bodies of a Day earlier Kidnapped 3 Shia Men were recovered from the Muwach Goth Area , Karachi, the Bodies were Identified as of Malook Shah, His son in law Rahib Ali and his Nephew Farhan Ali .

The details tell us that Malook Shah was the Custodian of a Imambargah in Musharaf Colony , Lea Market, Karachi. And it is quite obvious that all the 3 Family Members were Martyred , due to their Sect , and above all they were involved in the rendering their service to the Imambargah.

In The Eighth Incident again a Shia Business Man Shaban was attacked by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , in the Haroonabad , S.I.T.E , Karachi. At the traffic signal when it was closed , The terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan fired at Him ,riding in his Car No. ALD-068 , due to which he embraced Martyrdom at the spot .

After Medico Legal Formalities his body was transferred to the Fatmiyah Community Center , Numaish , while his funeral Prayer was offered at the Masjid e Shah e Khurasan .

In the Ninth Such Terrorist Activity, In Peshawar early Wednesday morning when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the historic Qissa Khawani Bazaar, killing at least six people, among them three policemen, and injuring at least 37 others.

The blast ripped through the vehicle of Superintendent Police (SP) Investigations, Hilal Haider, in a congested part of the city, littering the street with blood and body parts, witnesses said.

The explosion severely damaged the double-cabin vehicle of SP Hilal, Martying him, his driver Ilayas and his gunman Murad on the spot. Three passersby were also killed in the explosion.

SP Hilal had left his residence and was en route to his office when the suicide bomber who, according to police, was on foot, struck the vehicle.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed the bomber belonged to the group.

The attack also left at least 37 people injured, who were rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital. Medics said six of the injured were in a critical condition. Two policemen – Umar Nabi and Javed – were also among the injured.

Talking to  Imtiaz Hussain, the deputy superintendent of police (DSP) of the Khan Raziq police station, said SP Hilal was the target of the suicide attack. “Police are the primary target of terrorists in our province and it is one such incident,” he added.

Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Special Branch Shafqat Malik said the suicide bomber carried around 8 kilogrammes of explosives, adding that they have found the attacker’s head. “He was a bearded young man, who came running from the nearby street,” Malik added.

Becoming the third SP to fall victim to militancy, SP Hilal Haider was killed in a blast on Wednesday that killed six people.

SP Haider served the police for over 37 years.  Originally from Kocha Risaldar, he joined the police service in 1975 as an assistant sub-inspector. Haider was then promoted to sub-inspector in 1991, inspector in 1997 and finally in August 2010 to a DSP. On September 10, 2011, he was appointed as the acting SP Investigation.

During his time in the police, he served in many different services including the traffic police, the Kohat SDPO, Nowshera Headquarters DSP, Nowshera Special Branch DSP and in the Frontier Reserve Police.

The year 2012 has witnessed the killing of three police SPs. Two were killed in suicide attacks while the third was killed in an exchange of gunfire with militants.

On Wednesday, SP Hilal Haider became the third SP killed after a suicide attack in the historic Qissa Khawani bazaar.

The funeral prayers for Haider, his gunman Murad Ali and driver Ilayas Khan, who were also killed in the attack, were offered in Police Lines. The funeral was attended by senior minister Bashir Bilour and provincial assembly speaker Karamat Chagharmatti among others. Khan joined the police in 2001, while Ali had joined the force as a constable in 1994.

All three were laid to rest in their ancestral towns.

The terrorist Banned Organisation Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan has been carrying out Suicide attacks and are also involved in Target Killing of Innocent Pakistani Men and especially Shia Men , But the Government is still trying to take permission from their US Masters to take action against them as them , as it looks that the Pakistani Government and the Establishment is so much under the influence of the US and CIA , that they can not take any action against the proclaimed Killers of Pakistani  Citizens.

Suicide and bomb attacks blamed on insurgents have killed more than 5,200 people across the country since July 2007.

On November 3, at least six people were killed and three others injured when a TTP suicide bomber targeted a local anti-Taliban militia chief in Buner district.

While in the 10th and the Last Incident , A Shia Hazara Man Zulfiqar Ali was targeted in the limits of Hub City , located at the Border of Sindh and Balochistan , again by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who are not only martyring Shia Men , but are also doing their assignment given by CIA of Destablizing the Balochistan Province , with the help of Baloch Nationalist , who are also financed heavily by the CIA and other foreign agencies.

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