Muharram Ul Harram 1434 Hijri Moon Sighted , Ashura on 25th Nov 2012 in Major Parts of the World

JNN 15th Nov 2012 Karachi : The moon of Muharram, first month of the Islamic calendar, has been sighted and the first of Muharram will be on Friday, November 16.The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced on Thursday  that the moon of Moharramul Harram 1434 Hijri has been sighted in the country and the Ashura would fall on 25th November 2012  (Sunday).

The meeting of Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee Pakistna for sighting the moon of Muharram-ul-Haram was presided over by its Chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman held at Aiwan-i-Auqaf here this evening.

Mufti Munib said that quite a number of people saw the moon at Karachi, Jhelum, Islamabad and other places.

He stated that the members of Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee themselves saw the moon.

It was unanimously decided that the first of Muharram will be on Friday, November 16.

The Ashura Muharram will be on November 25, Mufti Munib added.

The Moon has been sighted on Nov 15th in Pakistan , India , Iran , Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA , Indonesia , and some other countries and the Ashura will be observed in most Parts of the world on Sunday , 25th November 2012 .

Muharram ul Harram which is the Month of the Mourning , as in this Month The  Grand Son of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH , Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s , Saved Islam and its Basic Principles which were tormented By the Devilish Yazid ( L.A) , son of Mavia , who was Passing regulations which were against the Basic Principles of Islam .

Imam Hussain who was the true Heir and the Leader of all the faithful Muslims , in this regard resisted to Vow the Oath of allegiance to the Devil Yazid , as he has self acclaimed himself as the Leader of Muslims and was trying to amend the Religion for his personal benefits and By Not giving the Oath of Allegiance , he knew he will be Killed by Yazid’s Men , as Yazid was the Heir of Mavia , who have already usurped the rights of the true Leadership of the Muslims and have fought and have become the ruler of Muslim Arabia

Muawiya I died on Rajab 22, 60 AH (680 CE). In violation of Islamic tradition and his own written agreement with ImamHasan ibn Ali, Muawiya appointed his son Yazid as his successor, converting the Caliphate into a dynasty. Few notables of the Islamic community were crucial to lending some legitimacy to this conversion of Caliphate into a dynasty

As Imam Did nt want any confrontation and wanted to Bring even Him and all his followers to the right Path of the religion , as Islam is the religion of Defensiveness and Not being offensive at any time So it was because of this He converted his Holy Pilgrimage of Hajj ,in to Umra, and avoided the conflict in the holy city of Mecca , at the time of Hajj, as to give him more time to re think his Devilish Planning and intensions ,and travelled to the Land of Karbala ,Iraq , but as Yazid was very much afraid of his true Identity and his Power ,among Muslim so he started sending armies to confront him , and finally he was confronted at the Land of Karbala , which was even Purchased by the Imam Hussain a.s , as he was a Man of Principle , and he did want that if even he is Martyred , his grave should not be made on any occupied land , as per the Principle and Code of conduct of True Islam.

Imam Hussain was travelling with all his family members and friends and stead fast Believers. which includes Women and children, as young as 6 month old , as he have not planned any War with Yazid or any body , and wanted to tell and teach him ,with all the mercies , as he was the Grand son of the Prophet Muhammad , who himself was the sign of Mercy and forgiveness for whole of the Universe.

But the Devilish Yazid was in addiction to his lust for Power , over ruled every thing and sent armies to confront , he and his Men  knew that Imam is not bring any army or soldiers to confront him or wanted to dethrone him , but as the inner self of him and all his men was afraid of his might and what he can do , sent an army to make him afraid and try to force him to take the Oath of allegiance for him , but as it was not possible for a true Leader of Islam to give Oath to a devil ,who is ruining the basics of Islam and the Religion .

So in this regard Imam Hussain a.s , tried all the possible ways in the limits In accordance with the Priciples of Islam , He and his fellow faithful tried to avoid any conflict , But Yazid and his band of devils , tried to Provoked Imam in all the ways and means , As he was the real owner of the Land of Karbala , but even then his Camps which were Put near the River Euphrates for staying their , to facilitate the family and companions , while the number of the family ,friends and companios which was not more than couple of hundred , was now against the Mighty of Army of the Yazid , the Number of which was in thousands has come to confront the Imam and to stop him there and force him to take the Oath  ,as every General of Yazid , who was sent by him has army of thousands with him , just to confront couple of hundred People , which includes the Women and Young children and not any regular army .

But the Imam Hussain Showed all the Patience and even at the orders of the Yazid’s Army re located his camps from the river side , to a distant place , and then even the Basic necessity of Water was cut off , for the family and companions of Imam from the 7th Muharram .

And finally it was decided that the battle will be fought among the faithful of Imam Hussain and Yazid’s army on the 10th of Muharram .

As it was eminent for every one that due to dis proportionate armies , of Yazid L.A and the couple of Dozens Imam’s Companions and family members , but It was Islam and its Principles that Imam did not compromise on it and became ready to sacrifice  his family and friends , as he knew ,as if today He and his companions will not bow to the Pressures of the Devilish Yazid L.A , then till the end of this world ,his true followers will rise against all the Oppressions , no matter How strong and Powerful the Oppresser may be .

And the History has Proven his stance to be Correct and Now not even only the Muslims ,but even People of any religion in this world, salute the Bravery and courage of Imam , against the Might and Oppresser , and till this day his sacrifice is the Role Model for the whole of the world , in which 72 of his Companions laid down there lives , which includes and infant son of Imam Hussain a.s , who was only 6months old , which was travelling with him , But all the Companions stood fast against the Devil Yazid and his mighty armies , and preferred to lay down their lives ,for the righteous cause of Imam Hussain , and who have complete faith in Imam Hussain , and even proved it too , and since then till today , his true followers are sacrificing their lives , and confronting the Oppressions of every Yazid and his followers , who ever comes and tries to mutilate Islam or its teachings.

And it is in this regard that the Great Sacrifice of Imam Hussain and his fellow companions , is being remembered and is propogated in the Month of Muharram every year , and his true followers still mourn his Martyrdom , and they remind the People of this world the great sacrifice ,and let them caution against the Yazid’s of the Present time , that what ever may be the cost ,but they should take the lesson from the Great sacrifice of Imam Hussain a.s ,that they should never bow to the Pressures of the Oppressor , and they should fight against the Injustices of the Oppressors.


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