Senior Shia Cleric demand’s Lifting ban on Muharram processions in Indian Held Kashmir

JNN 16 Nov 2012 Srinagar: As the Muslim calendar has entered another New Year, Patron, Pairwan-e-Villayat, Moulana Sibti Mohammad Shabir Qumi has appealed to the Muslims to strengthen the bond of brotherhood. And demanded the Indian Government to Lift the Unjustified Ban on the Muharram Processions In Srinagar .

Taking dig at the State government for making tall claims of Moharram arrangements, Qumi said that last 22 years ban on big Moharram processions in Srinagar was unjustified and anti- religious policy.

Urging Muslim scholars and religious figures to intervene, Qumi said that ban should be lifted and mourners should be allowed to commemorate the martyrdom of grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Imam Hussian (AS).

“It is not only about making arrangements of electricity, road and other essential commodities,” he said.

Qumi urged the government to lift ban on annual Ashoora procession from Abi Guzar and 8th Muharram procession from Guru Bazar to Hyderia Hall Dalgate here.

“The government curbs on Ashoora procession are unjustified. It is interference in the religious matter. So we demand that the ban should be lifted at an earliest” he said.

Qumi also cautioned that some anti-Muslim elements were hell-bent upon creating divide within the various sects of Muslims and appealed Muslim communities to use a joint strategy to foil such anti- Islam designs.

Qumi stressed that Muslims must stand united against the anti- Muslim policies and appealed to the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to rise against the anti- Muslim designs perpetrated by America and Israel.

“America and Israel are the main enemies of Muslims across the world. These two countries are hell- bent upon dividing us in the line of sects and other things. We must stand united and foil all such anti- Muslim conspiracies,” he said.

The month of holy Muharram, which holds significance in Islam, as the battle of Karballa took place in the month, Shia across the globe hold a ten-day long mourning to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his other 72 companions.

“I appeal Kashmiri Muslims to continue the tolerance for the various religious thoughts and unite as Muslims. We have the history of living in the brotherhood, which we should strengthen more during this holy month,” Qumi said in a statement issued.

He said the message of Moharram is to fight against injustice, unlawful, discrimination, inhumanity and oppression and fight for justice, peace, truth, humanity and brotherhood. .

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