US Drones Target Killing claims 5390 Inconent Unarmed Citizens lives ,Just to target 110 Wanted By US – Congressman Dennis Kucinich

JNN 17 Nov 2012  Washington D.C : On November 15, 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich was granted permission to address the U.S. House of Representatives for one minute. And in Just this short time the figures revealed by him , regarding the Drone attacks were Drastic . Continue reading


Israeli offensive continues against Gaza, Palestinian fighters respond by downing an Israeli F-16 Plane

JNN 17 Nov 2012 Gaza : Egypt’s Prime minister visited the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday in the midst of an Israeli offensive there, calling for an end to the aggression, as Palestinian rocket squads aimed at Tel Aviv for a second straight day.Palestinian fighters have downed an Israeli warplane flying over the Gaza Strip as retaliatory rocket attacks from the enclave continue to sound alarms across Israel. Continue reading

Recessions & Un Employement Deepening As a Result Demos, Strikes sweep Europe

JNN 17 Nov 2012 MADRID/LISBON – Police and protesters clashed in Spain and Italy on Wednesday as millions of workers went on strike across Europe to protest against spending cuts they say have made the economic crisis worse. Continue reading