US Drones Target Killing claims 5390 Inconent Unarmed Citizens lives ,Just to target 110 Wanted By US – Congressman Dennis Kucinich

JNN 17 Nov 2012  Washington D.C : On November 15, 2012 Congressman Dennis Kucinich was granted permission to address the U.S. House of Representatives for one minute. And in Just this short time the figures revealed by him , regarding the Drone attacks were Drastic .

“American drones in Pakistan have killed as many as 3,378 people. Drones in Yemen have killed as many as 1,952 people. Drones inSomalia have killed as many as 170 people. We’ve not declared war on any of these nations, but our weapons have killed innocent civilians in all of them. Highly reputable research shows that the number of high-level targets killed as a percentage of total casualties is estimated at about 2 percent.”

“According to The Washington Post, the Obama administration is working on efforts to institutionalize the practice of targeted killings by unmanned drones abroad. The volume of these killings challenges the morality and the legality of the attacks. We are creating a precedent for other nations that are developing the same technology. China has just unveiled a new drone”, he said.

“The drone program has thus far been conducted with no oversight from Congress or any judicial body. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to ensure that programs that are being conducted in the name of our Nation are legal, transparent, and accountable. We are holding a briefing tomorrow about this exact matter”, said Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The US Drone and their War against Terrorism have created a Hatred for US , among common Persons of these countries specially which are being Hit by drones attacks ,which is even in violation of the International Borders and sovereignity of any Independent country , and in General the Common Public of these countries are the worst enemies of Nations lIke Germany, Japan , Russia, China , Pakistan , Iran, Cuba , Venezula , and a lot of other countries.

The time has come that the US think tanks should start thinking , to do some thing good and Positive for the common Interest of these and other Nations , that before they are the Most Hated Nation of the World , and they are Isolated . As the US is also starting to lose the Power and Might it once had , and now with the weaken Economy and Recessions , they should do some Positive steps , that they can survive , in the changing world .

As if they become Isolated and Every countries , starts closing its doors for them , then it will be a disaster for whole of the US Nation , and they will be confined to Just North America , and even will not be possible for them to open routes to South America .

As it is also very heart Breaking that even with all these details publicized , the Human Rights Organisation , who say they fight for Global Human Rights , have kept a Mum over these Basic Human Right Violations by US , and Now People have also been of the view that these NGO , who are working in the Name of Human Rights and Protecting Nature and other causes are just Under cover , working for the US and CIA Interests and their aim is not providing relief to the common public , but to gather Information and Data for them.

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