Israel's Ex Foreign Minister admits having Immoral relations with Arab Politicians to Black Mail them

JNN 17 Nov 2012 Tel Aviv : Former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni said she had been involved in several special operations during her work with Mossad which involved sexual relations with prominent personalities to extort information for the Israeli intelligence agency.Leading Egyptian daily claims Livni admitted to having ‘sex with Arabs Political figures ’ for political gain

Who can forget Tzipi Livni’s face? She was the most highlighted Israeli politician for years and years – even trumping the prime ministers she was serving.

Well, Tzipi Livni is back. And she’s coming loose.

It seems that Livni, being a former Mossad agent, had ways to extract information and blackmail people. And it wasn’t beneath her to use her womanly abilities to their full potential.

Livni is apparently the type of many Arab politicians with who she has had affairs in order to blackmail them later on with the threat of exposing the affair. It seems that Tzipi isn’t against using sex to get information which may benefit Israel. Her behavior was also approved by a rabbi who believes Israeli women should be permitted to use their bodies in order to help their state.

Livni, however, hasn’t revealed any names – sadly. The question to be asked now is: Have any Lebanese politicians gotten in her pants? And if yes, which is not improbable, then who?

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Livni as telling Time magazine in an interview that she never minded having sex and committing murders to obtain intelligence to benefit her country.
She said she was prosecuted in a number of European countries for murders and sexual extortion but was able to get away due to her government’s influence.

A leading Egyptian daily claimed that former foreign minister Tzipi Livni conducted sexual relations with Arab officials during her years as a Mossad agent in an attempt to entrap them, and used what it said was a 2009 interview with The Times of London as ostensible proof.

The article in Al-Masri Al-Youm, an independent and widely read Egyptian daily, was headlined: “Livni: I had sex with Arabs in return for ‘political concessions.’” It featured prominently in the paper’s Saturday print edition and was still leading its website on Sunday afternoon. The article went up on Al-Masry Al-Youm’s website Friday night and was its most widely read story over the weekend. It had garnered 20,000 Facebook shares and 1,800 tweets as of Sunday morning, and was quoted extensively in Egyptian and Arab media.

The Egyptian newspaper story claimed that Livni gave an interview to The Times of London in 2009 –segments of which it said were quoted at the time in the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth — in which she “prided herself for her heroic actions, which included special operations such as entrapping important personalities by involving them in sexual scandals.”

It quoted her as saying that “she is not against having sexual relations in order to obtain information that will benefit the State of Israel.”

It added that Livni said the Mossad had rescued her from danger during special missions conducted in numerous European countries in which scientists, including Arabs, were targeted.

As quoted by the (London) Times on February 15, 2009, Livni described the loneliness of serving as a young Mossad agent in London following her graduation from law school. (Livni served in the Mossad in Europe between 1980 and 1984.) Asked if she would have been willing to serve as a “Honey trap” — a euphemism for a seductress — to entrap Israeli nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu in the 1980s, Livni was quoted by The Times as answering, “If you ask me if I was ever asked to go to bed with someone for my country, the answer is ‘no.’ But if I’d been asked to do it, I don’t know what I’d have said. In the ‘office’ [Mossad’s term for itself] there is a job tailored for everyone.”

Al-Masry Al-Youm also included what appears to be a bizarre reference to an extensive interview Livni gave to Haaretz reporter Ari Shavit on January 30, 2009, ahead of the then-imminent general elections.

The Egyptian paper did not quote from the interview, but it referred to a certain “Rabbi Ari Shfat, considered one of the most important and famous rabbis in Israel,” who it said issued religious edicts permitting “Israeli women to have sex with the enemy in return for important information.”

The Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot has published its interview times with former Prime Minister of Israel Tzipi Livni that she acknowledged at the time of its work in the Mossad carried out several special operations, most notably dropping important personalities in a sexual relationship with a view to blackmail politically for the benefit of the Mossad, said «Belle» they don’t mind to kill or have sex in order to produce information that Israel, Livni has a lot of sexual extortion and murder in the course of its work in the Mossad, including killings of Palestinians and Arab scholars, shadowed several times Justice in European countries but the Zionist lobby was able to eliminate.

Yediot Aharonot said the Rabbi I see lips, saying “Judaism allows sex with «terrorists» for information leading to their arrest, after Israel announced the use of women in the Israeli army as a weapon and as a means of propaganda for the Zionist project, and is considered one of the most famous Livni Israeli leaders used sex to obtain information.


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