3 Bomb attacks , Double Bombing near the Imambargah in Orangi Town, Karachi. at least 2 dead

KARACHI: Two bombs went off minutes apart outside a Imambargah Haider e Karar  in Orangi Town # 5 ,  Karachi, killing at least two persons and wounding several others, officials said on Wednesday.While on Thursday another Bomb was defused found near Imambargah Ali , Near Qasba Turning , Orangi Town , in the limits of Peerabad P.S.

Two bombs exploded outside the Imambargah Haider e Karar in Orangi Town, killing two persons and wounding seven others, senior police official Javed Odho said.

He said the first appeared to be a suicide attack.

The First bomb blasted as the Suicide Bomber who was riding a Motorcycle , accidentally crashed into a Rickshaw infront ot the Imambargah Haider e Karar , while the second bomb which was Planted near the Imambargah , and was remote controlled , through a Mobile Device was detonated when the LEA’s and members of Media team reached the site , and were busy in the inspection and Investigation of the First Bomb Blast .

As the security forces and rescue workers were transporting victims of the first attack in Karachi to hospitals, a second bomb exploded at the same place, wounding several people, including security forces, rescue workers and journalists, senior police officer Omer Khitab said.

The bomb was planted in a motorcycle ripped through the neighbourhood near Imambargah Hyder-i-Karrar in Orangi Town area, killing at least two people and injuring seven, said a police official about the first blast.

“We have also found a body which might have been of the suicide bomber, although it can not be confirmed yet,” said DIG West Karachi Javed Odho.

The Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan have claimed the responsibility of both the Bomb attacks in Karachi and Rawalpindi , talking to the AFP on the Mobile Phone , from an Undisclosed Location .

But this not only confirms the Presence of Tehrik e Taliban Terrorist in Karachi, it further tells that these terrorist Networks are Only targeting the Shia community Members and the LEA’s , and while it looks that they might have some type of Understanding with the Political Parties Present in the Metropolis of Karachi . As Neither their Massive Public Gatherings are being attacked with such intensity , as the Shia community members are being attacked , nor their activist are being targeted by these rogue elements , as the Shia Community members are being Target Killed , on daily basis in Karachi.


President Asif Ali Zardari, MQM chief Altaf Hussain, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and several leaders of ANP among others have condemned the twin blasts.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik, condemning the incident, has ordered a forensic report, while Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon has said the armed forces will be on a ‘stand-by’ for Ashura (Muharram 9 and 10) in Karachi.

Talking to the reporter , the Leader of Shia Ulema Council , Molana Nazir Taqvi , again demanded the deployment of Armed Forces of the country to monitor and control the detoriating Law & Order Condition of Karachi in special and Across the country in General , and he also demanded the Operation Clean up of Karachi  , by the Armed forces as which is necessity of the time , as if this terrorism is not controlled now , then it will be not possible for even the LEA’s to keep the Pakistan Integrated . As the example and experience of Bangladesh is in front of every Young and Old Living in this Country.

While the Shia Leader and Notables , have not only deeply condemned the Terrorism against the Shia Community, but have asked for concrete steps from the Government to ensure the Law & Order in the country. Or other wise if the enraged Patriotic Shia Youth of the Nation , Plans itself to implement its Law and Order and settle the score , then it will be too late to take any action.

It should also be noted that the Shia Media and the Press have been Pointing out the terror threats in the Orangi Town , as the Terrorist activities of the Banned Organisation , Like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , were at their peak , but no concrete action were being taken from the LEA’s , and the Shia Target Killing in the same area was also its Peak , which was itself Clearly Pointing towards the Presence of these Terrorist Networks and Nurturing of the Terrorist in the limits of Orangi Town , and now the results started to flow in shape of Suicide Blasts and Bombs Detonations.



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