Suicide Bombing at Muharram Procession In Rawal Pindi , Martyring 25 , Injuring 62

JNN 22 Nov 2012 Rawal Pindi : As the Procession was taken out after the Majlis at Qasre Shabbir , Dhok Sayadan , in the Limits of Westridge P.S, RawalPindi , A Suicide Bomber Detonated himself , due to which atleast 25 Shia Men , women and children embraced Martyrdom, while about 62 were injured.

As per the details a Majlis was held at the Imambargah Qasre Shabbir at Dhok Sayyadan , in the limit of Westridge P.S, Rawalpindi, to commerate the martyrdom Imam Hussain , On 7th Muharram  and after the Majlis a Muharram Matami Procession was taken out and as it came out and as it reached the Misriyal Road , A Suicide Bomber who was Present in one of the shops situated on the route of the Procession , came out after Lifting the Shutter threw about 7 Live Hand Grenades and after which he Blew himself off at 10:26p.m , and due to which a Heavy Casualty was reported , and as per the details about 25 Shia Community members , which includes  Men, Women , and children who were present in the Procession  embraced Martyrdom , and atleast 62 were reported Injured.

After the Blast the complete area electricity was gone and there was complete darkness , as due to the Blast  there was a short circuit in the over head Electric Cables present at the Scene , and due to which the rescue efforts and shifting of the Injured was highly effected.

The Bodies of the Martyrs and the injured were shifted to the CMH Hospital , Benazir Hospital , Holy Family Hospital and  Civil Hospital .

Emergency has been declared at all hospitals of the city. The army along with the police and other security agencies have cordoned off the area.

Bomb disposal squad was also called , which defused all the Hand Grenades Present at the scence which luckily , could not be Blasted , while there Pins were even detached , which were later defused by the Bomb Disposal Squad Members.

After the Blast Army Helicopter were Monitoring the Security Situation at the Blast Site , and the Procession . while Army Units along with the Rawalpindi Police have cordoned off the complete area.

The Funeral Prayer of the Martyrs of the Suicide Blast has been scheduled to be held On Thursday , 22 November, at Imambargah Qasre Shabbir at 2.00p.m .

The spokesman of Terrorist of Out Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Ehsan ulllah Ehsan calling from an undisclosed location has claimed the responsibility , of Karachi and Rawalpindi Suicide Blasts .

The Leader of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen  Ameen Shaheedi who arrived at the Hospital to inquire the status of the Injured and the Martyrs , while talking to our correspondent Heavily criticized the complete failure of the Present Government in Providing security , and have demanded the Establishment to take reins of  the Government and to do a complete Army Operation to clean up the entire country from the terrorist of the Banned Organizations , and Provide the necessary security to the Patriotic Citizens of Pakistan .

All the Leader of Political Parties and the PM and the President condemned the Suicide Bombing at the Muharram Procession in Rawal Pindi . And Ordered and Inquiry of the Suicide Bombing.

Rana Sana Ullah the Law Minister of Punjab Government of Muslim League ( Nawaz ) , also condemned the Incident of the Suicide Bombing , but instead of taking the responsibility of the Loop holes  , and in adequate security Measures taken by the Punjab Government , and instead of nabbing the terrorists associated with the Banned Organisation with which he had quite friendly relations , advised the Shia Community members to curtail their Religious activities , and to commemorate all their religious activities with in the Boundary walls and to refrain from taking out any Religious Processions on the Roads.

While commenting on his advice of Curtailment of Religious activities and Keeping the Religious activities with in the boundary walls , instead of providing security to the Shia Citizens of Pakistan , his next advice to all the Muslims Citizens of Pakistan , will be Refraining from Praying at the Mosques , as the Mosques such as Parade Lane , Haidery Mosque and Imambargah Ali Raza were also targeted by the Terrorist of Banned Organisation  namely, Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan . and their allied Groups and Cells.

As there is also D – 8 Conference is also going on in the Capital City of Islamabad , So A Complete Holiday was announced in the Cities of Rawal Pindi and Islambad from Thursday till Ashura on Sunday , in wake of the Detoriating Law & Order Condition of the Twin Cities. And Keeping in view the Sensitivity of the presence of All the head of the states of the D – 8 Member Countries ,which includes  Iran, Egypt,Turkey, Indonesia and Nigeria.  and the Critical and Volatile Security Conditions due to the Muharram .

The Names of the Injured include Riaz, Ali , Mohsin , Khawar , Ali Raza , zulfiqar Hussain , Syed Adnan , and 3 Police Personnel .

While the names of the few Martyred are  Saqlain , Mohsin , Ghazanfar and others .

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