Democratic Government completely fails in curtailing the Shia Target Killing , as another 5 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom due to the firing of SSP Terrorist in Karachi

Shaheed Nazar Abbas , 30 Nov 2012 , KarachiJNN 04 Dec 2012 Karachi : The Target Killing has escalated to such an extent , that is becoming inevitable that the Shia Community , must take a course of action , as in 24 Hours 4 Men were Martyred by the firing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , while in the Next 24 Hrs , instead of curtailing the accelerated Shia Target Killing again another 5 Shia Men were martyred by the firing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan Terrorisit ,as if could not come to a final and the rate even come down , then the Only solution as per the Shia Youth  to this is that the Rule of An Eye for an Eye , should be applied . with out any delay .

The Terrorist has escalated their onslaught , as the Shia target Killing has accelerated especially in Karachi , On 30th Nov early in the morning , When Nazar Abbas s/o Zafar Abbas , 55 was on his way to drop her Young Daughter Mehzer Zehra to her School , they ambushed them , and targeted Nazar and her daughter , due to which Nazar embraced Martyrdom ,while Mehzer was critically injured .While the same Day in Baldia area Near Bakra Piri Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan  Targetted Ghulam Qadir S/O Ghulam Hyder & Fazal Abbas S/O Ghulam Qadir , Both Father and the Son embraced Martyrdom on the spot .Same Day in the third Incident Terrorist of  Lashkar-e-Jhangvi attacked the Shop Keeper Riaz Hussain Shah and Mehdi Shah in Green Town, Shah Faisal Colony. They attacked and fired indiscriminately at them martyring Hussain Shah and critically injuring Mehdi Shah.While Daraz s/o Ali Daraz was Martyred in the Limits of Orangi Town.

As per the details , Nazar Abbas as per his routine was on his way to Drop her Young Daughter at about 7.35a.m , As when he crossed the Jail Road Fly Over , and treid to take a turn on the Shaheed e Millat Road towards the School , the Assailant of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who was following him came at the Driving  Side and targeted Nazar and fired , several rounds , But as the Brave father saw the cowards firing at him , he turned towards them Blocking their access and view from their daughter , and bravely took all the shots fired by them on his chest & face , He did the best to save her young Daughter from the terrorists firing , but still couples of bullets hit the Young Daughter , But as the Assailants were firing from a very close range so some of the Bullets crossed through Him and hit Young Daughter , due to which she was critically injured .

Nazar received about 9 Bullets wounds , and embraced Martyrdom on the spot , while the Young Daughter was hit by 3 Bullets , one of which passed through her lung and raptured her lung , and the other damaged her one of the cervical Vertebra , and due to which up till the latest reports , she had her lower part of the Body Paralyzed .

The Funeral Prayer of Shaheed Nazar Abbas was offered at the Imam Bargah Shah e Najaf , Martin Road , while his funeral was performed at the Wadi e Hussain , Grave Yard.

While in the Second event of Target Killing , In which Fazal Abbas s/o Ghulam Qadir, 40 and his father Gulam Qadir s/o Ghulam Haider,65  were attacked by the same Sipah e Sahaba Terrorist In Baldia area ,  near Bakra Pirhi , In the Limits of SITE Town, Karachi  .They were martyred on the spot. The bodies was taken to the Civil hospital for postmortem.

After the Medico Legal Formalities the bodies were shifted to the Fatimiyah Ghusal Khana, Numaish Round About , Karachi.

The funeral prayer of the Martyred Father and Son was Performed at 9.00p.m , at the Masjid & Imambargah Shah e Khorasan, while after the Funeral Prayers the Bodies of the Martyrs were sent to Faisalabad By Flight , for their Burial at their Ancestral Graveyard.

As per the details the third Incident of Shia Target Killing was reported to be at the Shah Faisal Colony , in the Green Town area, where the same Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan attacked Riaz Hussain Shah, who was sitting at his shop , in the Commercial Area of the Area , as per the witnesses , the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , came in the shop , and fired several rounds targeting Riaz, while as Mehdi Shah heard of the firing , and came to know about the attack of terrorist on Riaz , as he could not do any other thing to save Riaz from the firing of SSP Terrorist , He Jumped and tried to cover the Body of Riaz , with himself , but as a result the Heartless Terrorists fired at him also due to which he was also critically injured .

The Funeral Prayer of the Martyr Riaz Hussain was offered Masjid e Hur , Shah Faisal Colony ,Green Town , Karachi , after the Zohrain Prayers.

Both the Persons Mehdi Shah and the Martyr Riaz Shah were Migrants from the Jhang District of Punjab , so the Burial was done at the ancestral Graveyard .

The fourth Incident of the Target Killing was of M Daraz s/o Ali Daraz , who was targeted again by the same terrorist Group Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Limits of Orangi Town , and the target Daraz received Multiple Bullet Injuries , and due to the fatal injuries , he could not sccumb to his injuries , and embraced Martyrdom on the spot . His body was shifted to Edhi Mortuary , as the Funeral and Burial was Planned by the Relatives in his Native Town of Punjab Province.


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