Thousands of Shia Community Members stage Protest and March in NY , against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan

Protest in NY against Shia Killing in PakistanJNN 08 Dec 2012 NEW YORK : Over 10,000 members of the Shia community marched in the streets of New York on Friday to voice their anger at the Pakistani government and the Taliban for what they called “genocide” in their community.

“This demonstration is to condemn the terrorism  of the Taliban, al Qaeda and all these extremists in Pakistan ,” said one 21-year-old US protester of Pakistani descent, who introduced himself as Komal. “They are not considered Muslims, because they are doing what the Holy Quran is against,” he said.

The march — in which many women and children participated — started outside the UN headquarters and ended at the Pakistani consulate.

Demonstrators carried signs bearing slogans such as “Stop the violence. We are people of peace”.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC issued a statement to express solidarity with the Shia community. The embassy reiterated that protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of all citizens of Pakistan regardless of their religion or ethnicity is a sacred mission of the government.

The government is determined to prevent such incidents and would not allow the perpetrators of these crimes or other acts of violence against Shias, including target killings, to go unpunished. Law enforcement agencies are working hard to identify, apprehend, and bring all such villains to justice, the statement added.

“Human rights are a central pillar of any democratic society. Pakistan is no exception. We have been given clear guidance on this not only from Islam but also by our founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah,” the statement said.

Furthermore, the embassy will faithfully transmit the petition of the “10,000 Souls March” to the concerned authorities in Pakistan for appropriate and expeditious action.

The Protest Rallies and Marches against the Shia Killing have gained Momentum by the Ex Patriot Pakistani , Living in Foreign Lands , and they have even shown the signs  , and have sent letters to the Media ,that if now the Pakistani Government doesn’t show its commitment to curb this Talibanization Mess , and if it is not competent to apprehend the Culprits , then the Pakistani Community will also take its own action , against this Genocide , as they are also the earning members of the Pakistani Community Members living and earning abroad ,and they might think of stopping the flow of Foreign Exchange inward to Pakistan , as to teach a lesson to the Pakistani Government , as they are now serious about their beloved Homeland , that this Genocide and Biased attitude of Government should now be changed , other wise they will be compelled to take some serious actions against Pakistani Government .

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