Daily Shia Target Killing claims another 8 Shia lives By the Terrorist of TTP , SSP & LeJ in the Last Week

Shaheed Ali Abbas , Altaf Hussain , Ashfaq Hussain , Azhar Hussain , Tanveer Bangash, Kashif Imam Dec 2012 , Karachi, QuettaJNN 11 Dec 2012 Karachi : As the Establishment , Government and the LEA’s are still undecided to take a decisive action against the Taliban and their anti state allies , the shia Target Killing continues in the country. The Deadly Week claimed about 10 shia lives.

On 10th Dec Another Shia police officer S. Ali Abbas Naqvi s/o Jafar Naqvi, 38,  was martyred by the Targeted attack of Sipah e Sahaba Terrorists , in the limits  of  Gulbahar area near Rizvia Society District central on Monday. On 8th Dec Zameer Shah ,who was under treatment , injured in the Dhok Sayyeda , Muharram Procession Blast embraced Martyrdom during the treatment. On 7th Dec , A Shia LEA officer Manzoor Hussain was shot by his constable , on the pretext of Sectarian Killing , in the Pishin area of Baluchistan Province , due to he embraced Martyrdom.On the same day in the same Province , another Shia Shopkeeper was attacked and Martyred by the TTP terrorist , in the Mach area of Baluchistan. On the same day Another Patriotic Pakistani Army Officer Iqrar Haider laid his life in the line of duty while on the duty in the troubled area of Waziristan. While on the 6th of Dec Azhar Hussain another injured of the Dhok Syedaan 7th Muharram Procession embraced Martyrdom , as he could not succumb to his injuries , inflicted by the Suicide Bomber Blast . On 5th Dec 2012 , Another Momin , Tanveer Hussain Bangash s/o Hassan Khan Bangash , 28 was Martyred in the ongoing Shia Target Killing by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan Terrorist wing Lashkar e Jhangvi , in the Ferozabad P.S limits . On 4th Dec another Shia Police Official Kashif Imam who was targeted and attacked about 2 Months back in the limits of Gulbahar P.S , by the SSP terrorist and due to which he was critically injured , embraced Martyrdom .On the same day 2 Shia Police Constables who were Real Brothers Ashfaq Hussain and Altaf Hussain s/o Ishaq Hussain was attacked , in the Quetta Cant area, due to which Ashfaq embraced Martyrdom ,while Altaf was critically injured and was hospitalized.But the Latest Reports has confirmed that he has also embraced Martyrdom .

As per the details , Ali Abbas was coming home after finishing his duty , when he was intercepted by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba’s Terror Squad , Lashkar  e Jhangvi  , who fired several bullets targeting Him , due to which he was fatally injured , and was Unconcious on the spot , as the terrorist fled away , he was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , but as the Bullet injuries were fatal , and as earlier the terrorist have , targeted his upper Parts of the Body , so he could not scummb to his injuries , and embraced Martyrdom on the way.

His body was shifted from the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital to Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society .From where his body was shifted to Jafria Imambargah, Gulbahar , where his funeral Prayer was offered and his Burial was also done in the Graveyard , adjacent to Jafria Imambargah, near Khajji Ground.

He was reported to be a Brave Man, and was associated with the Bomb Disposal Squad of Sindh Police , and was bravely defusing the bombs and saving innocent lives and providing security to the citizens of Pakistan , with out any cast , creed or religion bias risking his own live.

As per the details the Martyr S.Zameer Shah , was hospitalized due to the critical wounds due to the Suicide Blast done on the Procession in the Dhok Syedaan area of Rawalpindi , which was taken out from the Imambargah Qasre Shabbir . He was fighting for his life , since then but finally could not scummb to his injuries and embraced Martyrdom .

About 26 Mourner embraced Martyrdom in the same Blast . And the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan have claimed the responsibility of the tragic incident, but still there has been no substantial action by the LEA’s against the Terrorist Organisation , as they are still at large involve in the terrorist activities against the Integration of Pakistan .

In the third Incident Manzoor Hussain who was the Sub Inspector in the LEA, and was on the duty in the Pishin area of Balochistan , when his Own Constable , who was on the duty of the guard  with him , shot him ,due to which he embraced Martyrdom . The constable who shot was under the Influence of the Taliban’s Ideology , as everybody knows in Pakistan , that the Talibans are not only terrorizing by Killing Innocent People , but are Propagating Hate culture , by issuing decrees against the Shia community in special and all other People which are not with their Ideology of Hate Culture and terrorism by declaring them as Infidels and giving Instructions in their speeches to Kill all who are not with their Ideology. And it is not the first Incident , in which this sort of Killing happened ,as Only Shias are not being victims of this , as even the Previous Governer of Punjab , Salman Taseer was also Killed by his own Guard , who Publicly admits , that he killed the Governer as he was Infidel , and even then he was still not being sentenced for Death, as even there is a lobby , which is backing his act of Killing and putting Pressure on the Government to Pardon him , from his Henious crime.

As there is  No screening even in the LEA’s against the Talibanization , and due to which the Talilban are getting access to the sensitive documents , news , and other things , due to the Penetration of these people , who are under the Influence of Taliban’s Ideology and Hate culture, which is a cancer for the Pakistani society .

In the 4th Incident Zulfiqar Ali Alias Zulfi was attacked on his shop in the Mach area of Balochistan, The terrorist came to his shop and targeted him and fired several Bullets , due to which he was fatally wounded , and as the Injuries were fatal , so he could not survive and embraced Martyrdom on the spot.

According to the reports the Martyr Captain Iqrar Haider was Posted in Waziristan , where he there on his official duty to keep a check on the insurgents and Terrorist , where he came under attack by the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , and embraced Martyrdom .

His Body was brought to Karachi for his last rites, at the Malir Cantonment , While his funeral Prayers was offered at the Jafaria Imambargah , In Malir Cantt.

Azhar shah was also the Injured in the Unholy Suicide attack on the 7th Muharram  Procession in Dhok syedaan area of Rawal Pindi , which was taken out from Qasre Shabbir , he was fighting for his life since then , but finally he succumb to his injuries and lost the battle of life and embraced Martyrdom on 7th Dec 2012

His Funeral prayer was offered at the Qasre Shabbir , and was led by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi ,of Shia Ulema Council , in the presence of hundred of the Mourners , friends and Relatives .

As per the details , On 5th Dec around 11.00a.m , early in the day , Tanveer Hussain who was the Incharge of the Motor Time Car Show room , situated at Shahrah e Qaideen ,  Near Shell Petrol Pump, was standing outside the showroom , when the 2 Assailants of Lashkar e Jhangvi , came on a Motorbike , and targeted Him and fired Multiple Rounds . As all this was so sudden that he could not have a chance to move even , due to the Bullet Injuries which he sustained on his head  , he was fatally injured . He was shifted to the Hospital but could not survive the fatal Head Injuries caused by the Assailant Bullets . He received 2 Bullets in the head .

His Body was shifted to the Fatimiya Community Center for the Preparation of his Funeral , while his Funeral Prayers was offered at Masjid e Shah e Khurasan at around 6.00p.m , on the same day.

As per our sources , he was a Brave Man , and about a year Back he even confronted the 2 Dacoits , who came to the same showroom for the Purpose of Dacoity , and as he fired and injured the Dacoits in self Defense , who later fled away injured . And due to his daring effort he foiled the Dacoity attempt and saved His employer from a Big Loss.

He was a father of a year old child and left a widow . He was also a Member of Matmi Anjuman Jaan Nisraan e Ahle Bait ( A. B.Senia Lines) , He was the resident of Lines Area.

On 4th Dec another Shia Police Official Kashif Imam , who was critically injured in the targeted attack by the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan terrorist ,  in the Gulbahar area around 2 months Back , and was under treatment in the Agha Khan Hospital since then embraced Martyrdom, as he could not scumb to his fatal wounds.

His body was shifted to the Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society for the funeral Prayers , where his funeral Prayer was offered on 5th Dec , after the Zuhrain Prayers.

On 4th Decemeber in the Limits of Quetta Cantonment area , Near Askari Park 2 Shia Brother Ashfaq Hussain and Altaf Hussain , who were both Police Constables were attacked by the Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , due to which Ashfaq embraced Martyrdom on the Spot , while Altaf who was also critically injured , was shifted to the CMH, Quetta where he is under Medical treatment & supervision .

The Body of Martyr Ashfaq Hussain was shifted to the Nichari Imambargah for the funeral Prayers , while his burial was done at Bahisht e Zainab ,Graveyard.

Analysis :

It looks that the establishment , Government and LEA of Pakistan are still undecided that to take action against the declared enemies of Pakistan , as the terrorist Organizations like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah , and other allied terrorist groups , which have not only been declared enemies , which even speak on the Media against the existence and DisIntegration of Pakistan , which is a shameful act to for Pakistani Establishment especially , as they are the defender of Pakistan , and yet even after knowing the facts and having the experience of Attacks like GHQ , Mehran Base , Parade Lane Mosque , Raymond Davis Episonde , Salala attack by US forces , Imambargah Ali Raza , Masjid e Haideri , Al Quds Rally , Quetta , and a Number of such terrorist attacks , and still there is no offensive against these terrorist Organisation , By the Defenders of Pakistan , who are now been Upgraded to a Nuclear State , and yet they don’t feel embarrassment over the World , making fun of their abilities and their questionable Professional abilities , While having the Flag bearer of the World Top Most Intelligence services , ISI, and even then they look surrendered infront of these terrorist Organisation.

The History is written every moment , and it doesn’t stop at any moment ,or any thing can be deleted from it , as facts remains the facts , now or later , but the generation yet to come , will definitely ask the questions ,which Nobody can answer , as the Pride and Honour have to be retained , other wise Falling from Grace is Better to Die with Honour , the example which Shia’s of Pakistan , are teaching to the People of this World , and especially the Establishment of Pakistan, which should take a Lesson from them and stand up to regain their Honour and Dignity in the World , which is a Joke and a Big Question Mark at Present ?

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