17 Shia Students rusticated from KIU for Organising ” Youm e Hussain “, led to Protest and Clashes in Gilgit

Gilgit Baltistan Sectarian tension esclatesJNN 14 Dec 2012 GILGIT: Two people, including a policeman, were killed and seven others injured after Wahabi students groups clashed with Shia Students in Gilgit on Wednesday, after the expulsion of One and rustication of 16 Shia Students from Karakoram International University , Gilgit .

Tensions raged the town since Wednesday morning when a group of Shia students organised “ Youm e Hussain ” event inside the campus , As the Youm e Hussain is a Common Event for all the Muslims Students , and especially in  Muslim Country , but the Wahabi Students who are working in the best Interest of the Taliban and their Zionist Masters , wanted to create hindrances and Promote Sectarianism even in the Matters such as Youm e Hussain , which is respected in all ,Schools of thoughts of Islam , But due to the tension created by the Wahabi Students the Administration of Karakoram International University (KIU)  instead of solving the situation , and Nabbing and Punishing the Miscreants imposed a Ban on the of Youm e Hussain Program.

But as all the arrangements have already been done and the Youm Hussain was already announced so the event was carried On , which ended safely. But the Biased Administration of KIU initiated disciplinary action against at least 17 Shia students who violated the ban. One student has been expelled while 16 students have been banned from entering the university for three years, said a KIU press release. It further added that those who manhandled the university’s security officials will be fined Rs7,000 each.

After the expulsion of the Shia Students , the Shia Students protested the event through a sit-in outside the Gilgit-Baltistan assembly. While at the same time the Wahabi Students group also came outside the G-B assembly and wanted to create confrontation , but When the event at KIU ended, the students were stopped by the police near the central police office to avoid a confrontation.

However, the Protest and demonstration were seen all the day and  in all Parts of the Gilgit – Baltistan Province Including in Gilgit, Skardu, Danyore, Jutal, Nagar, Gamba, Rondu, Shigar and other places in the G-B province. Against the Biased action of expulsion and Rustication of Shia Students by the KIU Administration . At the same time the Rival wahabi sect was all day long trying to create disturbance , as day-long demonstrations culminated into violence as firing was reported across the city.

“According to our information, two have been killed and seven others injured,” Sajjadul Haq, a senior government official at the chief minister office, told The JNN.

DIG Ali Sher confirmed the two deaths but put the number of injured at six.

KIU spokesperson Shahid Shigri tried to portray their stance against sectarianism , said that the university banned sectarian events inside its premises after two groups representing rival sects planned separate events, rejecting the university’s proposal to hold joint programmes. But as it is mere fact that the Youm e Hussain is a common Program in all the Sects of Islam , and there is no Confrontation in it , but it was Portrayed as the Sectarianism , instead of Punishing the culprits , who have created sectarianism in the country , and cutting the roots of such elements at all the levels , they were Promoted by calling the Common issues as Sectarianism.

Later on Thursday The people of Gilgit were once again confined to their homes when Section 144 was imposed , which bars the assembly of five or more people in one place, was imposed in the city.

The restriction was put in place following a sectarian clash between two student groups on Wednesday that left two dead and seven others injured. Locals faced a similar, but more severe predicament when a curfew was imposed and cellular services were banned in April this year after sectarian attacks claimed the lives of more than a dozen people.“This is meant to ward off chances of violence in the city,” said a district administration official, Shahid Ali, about the latest restriction. In addition, motorcycles were also banned in the city.

Karakoram International University (KIU) announced its closure for two days. “The decision has been taken in the wake of violence in the city a day earlier,” said a statement issued from the university.

Gilgit has a bloody history of sectarianism but saw unprecedented peace during Muharram as Sunnis and Shias rallied together despite threats of suicide attacks.

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