SUC’s 36 Hrs Long Sit In Protest ended Safely , after assurances by the Governor of Sindh

SUC Protest Sit In @ Numaish 14 Dec 2012JNN 16 Dec 2012 Karachi : Thousands of people have staged a sit-in on a call by the Shia Ulema Council (SUC) at Numaish Chowrangi, Have ended safely after 36 Hours on Sunday Morning after the Fajr Prayers The Protest was organized against the target killings of Shiites in the city.

The Leader of the Shia Ulema Council announced late in the Night that after Successful Negotiations with the Governor of Sindh , and after his assurance that their demands will be taken care Off , called off the Sit in , and the Protesters dispersed peacefully after performing the Fajr Prayers.

The team which negotiated with the Governer of Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad comprised of Allama Nazir Abbas , Allama Sadiq Raza Taqvi, Molana Shabbir Meesami , Allama Jaffar Subhani, Tassawar Advocate , Allama Mirza Yousuf Hussain , who negotiated on the following Points and assurance was given from the Governor of Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad , that all the matter will be taken care off on Priority .The Points which were Presented and accepted by the Governor were as follows :

  1. Blasphemy Law will not used as a Tool against Religious Scholars for convicting them in False Judicial cases
  2. Criminal Involved in the Target Killing of Allama Aftab Haider Jafri and other Shia Martyrs will be Nabbed , as soon as Possible.
  3. The Rusticated Students of KIU will be reinstated , and all the cases against them will be withdrawn immediately.
  4. The Criminal who have been awarded Death Penalty , and their sentences are being with held on Presidential order ,should be executed , with out any delay.
  5. The Foreign Based NGO which are advocating to Repeal the Death Sentence against the Islamic law should be prosecuted in the court of Law, and action should be intiated against them .
  6. Government should make it a point that Govt. Jobs Should be given to atleast One Member of the Martyrs family, so their economic vows can be addressed.

A large number of men, women, children and senior citizens participated in the sit-in. The Security of the venue was done by the volunteers and Scouts of Shia Community ,while the LEA have cordoned off the area from the outer ring , and there was no LEA men inside the venue.

The Protest Sit In which lasted for about 36 hours have also proved that the Shia Community is still ready to confront any Situation and to stand fast for any call in the hour of need. The Passion of the Community is strong for the Just cause and they are not afraid of even the worst situations which they are facing in shape of target Killing and the terrorist attacks against the Patriotic community as they are on front line of all the Terrorism By the anti State Elements.

During the Sit In the Shia Ulema Council’s leader Allama Nazir Abbas, addressing a press conference here, also demanded the city be rid of firearms through army operation here.

On Friday, after the Friday Prayer demonstrators gathered at Numaish who were carrying pictures of their Martyred loved ones and called on the Islamabad government to arrest and punish the killers and provide security to the Shia community in Pakistan.

The demonstrators also criticized the United Nations for not doing enough to stop violence against Pakistani Shias, and exercising double standards towards Malala Yousafzai and Mehzar Zehra, who both are Pakistani Girls , and both were attacked on the way to school , But in case of Mehzar who faced bigger Problems as she her self was not only injured critically , but she also lost her father , as he was also Martyred by the terrorists .

While on the other hand ,On October 9, fifteen-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot by a Taliban Terrorist in the Swat Valley. As Malala received injuries due to the bullets which just touched her and was not that crucial , as compared to the Injuries of Mehzar Zehra, who is still fighting for her life . And as per the reports , she is still not out of danger , even after 10 days have passed. The assassination attempt on Malala received immediate worldwide media coverage and produced an outpouring of sympathy.

On November 30, 12-year-old Mehzar Zehra was shot by the Taliban on Karachi’s busy Shaheed-i-Millat road as she was on her way to school. But the reprehensible and tragic incident went unnoticed in the Main Stream Media , Only it was the Pakistani Shia Media , that Highlighted the tragic Incident , and it was due to that Mehzar Zehra was noticed , and then even the Main Stream Media also followed her story. And give her some coverage.

Pakistani Shia leaders blamed what they call a flawed judicial system, deeply-rooted corruption in state institutions, politicization of the law enforcement agencies and a lack of will in politicians for the spiraling violence in Pakistan.

“Who is safe in this city? Shias, Sunnis, lawyers, traders – you name it, no one is safe here. The law enforcement agencies have turned deaf ears on these crimes, and even those who have been apprehended and convicted are not penalized, and they are resting in prisons,” Syed Nazir Abbas from Shia Ulema Council said.

It was also disclosed by the speaker in the Protest Sit that more than 600 Shias had been killed in Karachi this year alone, adding that the government had miserably failed to arrest the target killers, while the police and Rangers had been acting as silent spectators.

“Government is not looking after people. They are not taking note of targeted killings, and now even ladies have been killed. We are here so they should know what is happening with us?” a female protester said.

The participants of the sit-in demanded the government to launch a military operation in the metropolis so that terrorism could be abolished from the city.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Pakistani government has failed to stop violence against Shias, who account for around 25 percent of the 180-million-strong population of the country.

The Taliban and their allied groups have been involved in a violent campaign against Shia Muslims in Pakistan over the past 30 years.

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