Taliban to meet Afghan Govt officials near Paris, to discuss future of Afghanistan – France

Afghan Government to meet TalibanJNN 18 Dec 2012 PARIS  – France said on Sunday officials from the Afghan government, the Taliban rebel movement and other factions would meet this week near Paris to discuss the country’s future as NATO troops prepare to pull out in 2014. Continue reading

After USSR now USA on the verge of Disintegration on the same Pattern – Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail GorbachevJNN 18 Dec 2012 Istanbul : The last head of state of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, has warned the U.S. of an imminent Soviet-like collapse if Washington persists with its hegemonic policies.  Continue reading

Iran is world’s 14th leading electricity Producer & Exporter

Iran an Electricity ExporterJNN 18 Dec 2012 TEHRAN – Iran is the world’s 14th leading electricity producer, Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Mohammad Behzad said on Monday, citing the latest statistics released by the International Energy Agency.  Continue reading

Syrian Forces Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists, Rescue 4 Kidnapped Citizens in Hama

Syrian Armed forces rescue 4 childer the weyJNN 18 Dec 2012 Damascus  – Units of the Armed Forces on Saturday continued pursuing armed terrorist groups in al-Dhiyabiyeh, Hejjeira and al-Husseiniyeh in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring many terrorists. Continue reading

Bahraini Shia protesters Now challenging Police in Capital Manama

Bahraini Shia Protesters Challlenge Forces in the CapitalJNN 18 Dec 2012 Manama : Security forces in Bahrain fired tear gas ,stun grenades and arrested protesters Monday to break up protests after calls by anti-government groups during marches in the traditional market area of the Gulf nation’s capital, forcing many businesses to close. Continue reading