West even now single out Wahabism from Islam , as the main cause of terrorism

wahabismJNN 19 Dec 2012  : A representative of Russia’s Orthodox Church and a Muslim cleric from Tatarstan in a TV program stressed the need for fighting the spread of Wahabist ideology, as this is the main cause of spreading the Extremism and terrorism in the world.

Titled “The Church and the World”, the program was aired on Russia 24 TV channel, fait-religieux website reported.

Hilarioun, the archbishop of the Russian city of Volokolamsk and head of the Orthodox Church’s foreign affairs office, in the program said that the ideas spread by the Saudi government are the main reason behind extremism.

He described Wahabism as a grave threat to Muslim societies, including Russia’s Muslims.
“We should stand united to prevent such ideologies from spreading in society”, the archbishop said.

Another guest, Farid Salman Heydarov who is one of the prominent Muslim scholars of Tatarstan attributed recent terrorist attacks in Russia to Wahabist groups.

He said the targets of the attacks were those who opposed Wahabism and extremism.
Heydarov further called for dialogue between Islam and Orthodox Church to combat the Wahabist cult in Russia.



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