Iran seizes Explosives cahche being smuggled from Pakistani border

Iran Chief Ahmad Reza RadanJNN 23 Dec 2012 Tehran – Iranian police have seized a large shipment of explosives on the Iranian border with Pakistan, Deputy Police Chief Ahmad Reza Radan said in Tehran on Saturday. 

Second-in-commander of the Iranian police, Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Radan, says 20 time bombs have been discovered at Iran’s border with Pakistan.

In an interview with the Persian service of the Mehr News Agency, Radan stated that the border police, in cooperation with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and Iranian intelligence agents, recently located and seized a large shipment of explosives containing 20 time bombs on the Iranian border with Pakistan.

“We urge the government of Pakistan to carry out its duties with regard to controlling border areas because the country’s border [with Iran] has turned into a route for saboteurs,” Radan said on Saturday.

“One person has been identified and arrested in connection with this case and other members of the group escaped into Pakistan after they found out about their cargo being discovered [by the Iranian police],” he added.

Radan stated that the cargo of explosives which had entered Iran via Pakistan border was discovered and seized through cooperation of the Iranian police, the intelligence agents and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.
“They [perpetrators] planned to bomb several locations after importing these bombs into the country,” he said.

He praised the efforts of the IRGC and the intelligence agents, adding, “We call on the Pakistani government to fulfill its responsibility to control its border areas, since the Pakistani border has become a route for bandit traffic.”

Radan also said that one person has been arrested in connection with the incident but other members of the gang have fled into Pakistan.

Iran has spent more than USD 700 million on sealing the borders, especially with Pakistan, and has repeatedly called on Islamabad to enhance security along its borders with the Islamic Republic and prevent villains and terrorist from crossing over into Iran.

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