Energy Starved Pakistan Delaying Most Economical IP Gas Pipeline Project , while Iran already Completed 80% of it

Iran Pakistan Gas Pipe Line ProjectJNN 24 Dec 2012 Islamabad : Construction work on the Pakistan segment of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project is likely to start by February 2013, and the first gas flow is scheduled to begin by the end of December 2014, the Pakistan National Assembly was informed on Friday. 

According to the our Correspondent, the Pakistani minister for petroleum and natural resources, in a written reply to a question raised by MNA Shagufta Sadiq, told the Lower House that Iran has already completed a 900-kilometer segment of the 1150-kilometer section on its side and the construction work on the remaining 250 kilometers is in progress.

He said the Pakistan section of the pipeline was to be laid from the Iran-Pakistan border up to Pakistan’s off-take point at Nawabshah, covering a distance of over 781 kilometers.

Pakistani Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, in reply to a similar question, said Pakistan is committed to completing the project and signed an agreement to do so despite all the international pressure.

“We are also approaching India for gas. In this regard, negotiations are underway,” he said. A proposal to import 200 mmcfd Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) from India is also under consideration. He added that since no agreement had so far been executed, the implementation time cannot be ascertained at this stage.

He said that progress on the Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline Project was continuing on schedule. He also noted that there is an energy crisis in Pakistan, and the government has reviewed the drilling policy for gas.

It should be noted here that the CNG Imported from Iran , through the Iran – Pakistan Gas Pipeline is the Most Economical Package for CNG available under the Prevailing conditions , of depleting Domestic Gas Reserve , as there is no more further Drilling being done , which might be beneficial for the country , But instead of Prioritizing the Drilling for the Gas , for the Long term Solution , and Working on Top Priority for the Iran – Pakistan Gas Construction , the Gas Pipeline Project has been delayed , for one reason or the another , and rather other options which are Multiple times expensive , including the Import of the RLNG from India , as India is itself not the Producer of GAS and Oil , And it has itself a deficit of energy in the Country ,The Parliamentarians & Politicians of Pakistan are working on expensive Projects , as to gain Personal benefits .

Pakistan Government is delaying the Most Economical and viable solution of Gas Import from Iran on the Pressure of  International Player like US and Saudi Arabia , as they have their own vested Interests in Pakistan , and they are not concerned of the General Public suffering and their vows of the Energy crisis in Pakistan . Due to which the Economy is being crippled , And the suffering of the General Population of Pakistan which is facing tremendous problems due to it .

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