Bahraini forces attack and Beat Protester, UK MP returns the X Mas Gift in retaliation to Human Right abuses By Al Khalifa Regime

Bahraini Forces Beat ProrestersJNN 29 Dec 2012 Manama : The Saudi-backed regime forces attacked a group of youth protesters and beat them during the demonstration on Tuesday. Several people were injured and arrested. Continue reading

Al Qaeda Backed Takfiri Wahabi Destroying mausoleums & Sending Death threats to Muslims in Mali

Al Qaeda sponsored Terrorist of Mali Ansar e DeenJNN 29 Dec 2012 Bamako: A tourism official says that Wahabi Terrorist under the Umbrella of US Sponsored Al Qaeda  destroyed four mausoleums in Timbuktu. Radical Wahabis controlling the north in Mali have sent death threats to several senior Muslim chiefs in the country, officials said on Thursday. Continue reading