Iqra, Best Method for Teaching and Memorizing Quran , 3 Million Irani will Participate in Quran Memorization Campaign in 2013

Iqra - Method for Memorizing Quran ,

JNN 01 Dec 2012 Tehran : There have been numerous methods for teaching the Quran in Islam’s history but the Iqra method remains the best, a Quran expert said.

Mohammad Reza Sotudenia, director of Quran and Hadith Department of the University of Isfahan told IQNA that the Iqra method was the one used by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) for teaching the Quran.

The scholar said in the Iqra method, the instructor reads the Quran and the learner learns the words by listening.

“He tries to read and recite the words (of the Quran) like his master. Then he would present to the master what he has learned and in the third stage, the master confirms that he has learned properly.”

Sotudenia underlined that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used this method to teach the Quran to his companions.

“Ibn Masud has reported that the Prophet (PBUH) would read 5 to 10 verses of the Quran at a time and interpret the verses for the companions to learn and memorize them.”

The Quran expert added that this method has also been approved by the Quran, as we read in verse 18 of Surah Qiyamah “So when We have recited it [through Gabriel], then follow its recitation”.

He said inaccurate methods of Quran memorization and recitation learning should be confronted. “There are some who claim to have methods with which one can learn the Quran in a short time, but when these methods are technically analyzed, they are not efficient enough.”

Sotudenia further urged that an official institution should oversee Quran education in the country and prevent Quran institutes from using inefficient methods.

He also stressed that policy-making in the field of Quranic education should be concentrated.

Pointing to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei’s instructions about training 10 million memorizers of the Quran, director of Quran and Hadith Department of the University of Isfahan said the Supreme Leader’s aim is that Quran memorization be the basis of Quranic education in the country.

Mohammad Bonyadi told us that in the current year, 5 million students and ministry staff will sign up for participating in the National Quran Memorization Campaign (Noor Plan).

“In the first year of implementing the plan (last year), 3.5 million individuals registered to take part and some 2 million of them took the exams.”

He noted that registration for the plan began in early December and is still going on.

Director general of the education ministry’s Quran, Prayer and Etrat Department added the department will make every efforts to materialize the demands by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution about training 10 million memorizers of the Holy Quran.

He said the required books for teaching Quran memorization have been written and 5000 Quran teachers have been recruited to facilitate training memorizers of the Quran in Quran schools.

 ‘All the potentials of the ministry have been used to best implement the National Quran Memorization Campaign,” he underlined.

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