Iraqi Govt is ready to Host expected 16 Million Pilgrims in Karbala for Arbaeen 2013

Pilgrims in KarbalaJNN 01 Jan 2012 Baghdad : Over 16 million pilgrims are expected to attend mourning ceremonies in Karbala in Arbaeen, deputy head of Karbala provincial council said.

Nasim Jassem Al-Khatabi noted that this year Karbala will see the largest number of pilgrims visiting the city during Arbaeen ever, Biratha news agency reported.

Arbaeen marks the anniversary of the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) and his devoted companions in Karbala.

Al-Khatabi said the holy city is prepared to host the pilgrims and its hotels have been prepared for serving the guests.

It is expected that 650000 of the pilgrims will be from other countries, especially Arab and Muslim states, he stated.

The official also said some of the pilgrims began travelling to the holy city since three weeks ago.

In other news, the office of the commander of Iraq’s Armed Forces has started implementing a special security plan to ensure the safety of the mourners during Arbaeen ceremonies.


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