Last 10 Days of 2012 , Another 14 Shia Men Martyred Confronting the Munafiqeen of SSP & TTP

Shaheed Athar Hussain , Azmat Ali, Husnain , Qamar , Jawad , Mohd. Hussain , KarachiJNN 05 Jan 2012 Karachi: The Year 2012 ended and the New Year 2013 started , but the Shia Target Killing continues in Pakistan , as it looks that the Establishment of Pakistan is still at sleep , and waiting for another disaster  like Bangladesh to be held . The Government is inept to deal with the alarming rise in terrorism and Crimes in the country, and especially in the Biggest Metropolis of the country, Karachi.

On the 1st Day of the New Year A Mourning Procession to commemorate the Chehlum of Imam Hussain a.s was attacked in the Chiniot , Punjab, by the Terrorist of Sipah Sahaba Pakistan , targeting the Procession , due to which Malik Mukhtar Hussain was Martyred , and 4 Mourner the Participants of the Procession were injured.

As on the New Year Day  A prominent Shia Muslim figure has been Martyred in an attack by Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( ASWJ ),in  Pakistan’s eastern province of Punjab.

According to local sources, Malik Mukhtar Hussain, the main organizer of Shia religious activities in city of Chiniot, was Martyred  by six Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan  on Monday.

Two teenagers were also wounded in the attack that targeted a procession held to commemorate the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

“Hussain had received several bullets including one in the head,” said one of the witnesses.

On 31st Dec,  Jawad Hasan Naqvi s/o  Zameer Hasan Naqvi was targeted at Qureshi Market, Orangi Town, Karachi , by the assailants of Sipaha e Sahaba Pakistan  As a result of firing, he embraced martyrdom.

On 30th Dec in the City of Peshawar the Body of a Newly Married Shia Young Man Fayyaz Hussain was found on Ring Road , Martyred by the torture and firing of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan

As per the details Fayyaz have left the house for going to appear in a Job Interview , as his qualification was MBA, and was in search of a Job. As he was Married about 2 months back .

His body was found lying on the Ring Road , which was later identified and delivered to his family for the funeral and burial .

On 29th Dec Two Shia Brothers Athar Hussain Shah 38, and Mazahir Hussain Shah 34 sons of Late DSP Sadiq Hussain Shah were targeted Near their House at the Poultry farm ( Murghi Khana ) , Quaidabad , Near Quaidabad – Malir Bridge . Due to the firing of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrrorist , Both were critically injured , and were shifted to the Hospital, but Athar Shah could not scumb to his injuries and embraced Martyrdom , while Mazahir Shah was under treatment at the Agha Khan Hospital

They were Traders by profession and their Late father and elder brother Abid Shah both were police officers.  It should also be noted that their Father and elder brother were also martyred. At Present Athar Shah was the trustee of Imam Bargah Shaheedan-e-Karbala in Future Colony, Landhi .

On 26th Dec , A Shia shopkeeper Ghulam Rasool Shah in the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta  was targeted by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , who was fatally injured by the firing  , and due to the bullet wounds embraced Martyrdom on the spot , his body was shifted to the CMH for the Medico Legal formalities , and afterwards his body was shifted to the Nechari Imambargah, for the Funeral Prayers.

On 25th Dec , the Genocide of Shia Muslims by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , and Like minded Terrorist Organisation and groups continued in Karachi as they entered the the Chishti Nagar , Orangi Town and targeted 2 Shia Men , Syed Shahid Hussain Zaidi , 30 , and another , due to which both were critically injured , and later on shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , But Shahid could not succumb to his injuries, as he had received 2 Bullet wounds in his head ,and embraced Martyrdom .

His Body was shifted to the Imambargah Al Abbas , Hussainabad , Orangi Town , where his funeral Prayer was offered Later On, and his burial was done at Hussainabad Graveyard, Orangi Town, Karachi.

24th Dec was another day of Disaster as again in the biggest Metropolis of Pakistan , Karachi witnessed the execution of 3 Shia Men in the same Pattern of Mukti Bahni of Former East Pakistan in the Broad Day Light,  Now the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , entered in the highly sensitive area of Nazimabad # 2 ,as it has even earlier recorded same gruesome Murders of Shia Men , the terrorist then Opened fire on two Shops , where three Shia Men were targeted Qamar , Husnain , and Mohd. Hussain , Present at their respective Grocery and Paper Stores.

Later On all the three were rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, but due to their fatal wounds , all the three could not succumb to their Injuries and embraced Martyrdom .

The Body of Mohd Hussain was shifted to the Fatimiya Community Center for the Funeral , while bodies of Qamar and Husnain , who were even related and were cousins , were shifted to Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society for Funeral Prayers.

On 23rd Dec Another Devoted and Well Known Shia Azmat Ali s/o Rehmat Ali , 48 was targeted by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ,when he was sitting at his shop , near Hussaini Mission Imambragah, he was fired Multiple rounds , he received 4 Bullet wounds , due to which he was fatally wounded , he was shifted to Jinnah Hospital , but could not survive and embraced Martyrdom .

His funeral Prayer was offered at the Hussaini Mission Imambargah , Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi.

He was the Organizer of 25th Muharram Procession in commemoration of the Martyrdom of Imam Zain Ul Abideen in the Limit of Shah Faisal Colony , Karachi. He was also the resident of Shah Faisal Colony , and was Known Personality in the area.

On the same day in Faisalabad , Again two Shia brothers S.Ali Haider & S.Jaffar Ali were targeted and attacked by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , when they were present at their shop situated on the Millat Road , Faisalabad. Punjab , Both the Brothers were critically injured , and shifted to the Hospital , but Ali Haider could not survive and embraced Martyrdom, while Jafar was fighting for life was in in critical condition , even embraced Martyrdom on the 30th Dec, 2012, while still under treatment in Allied Hospital , Faisalabad.

The gruesome acts of the day didn’t ended here , but further in the Gilgit City , Another Shia Man , Nabeer Ali Khan s/o Mohd. Ali was attacked by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan’s Qazi Nisar Group , which is quite well know for its attorcities in the Gilgit and adjoining areas, he was attacked in the Aliabad Colony , Basin Area, Gilgit City, G-B, who embraced Martyrdom , as the Bullet injuries were fatal.

The Gilgit City is very crucial and serious , as so many incidents of sectarianism have been previously occurred , and a Large Number of Shia Men have been Martyred , Plus it is in on the Border of our Friendly country China , which have always helped us in the Hour of our need , when all have shown their backs , rather ditched us , but these US sponsored Taliban are fulfilling their agenda , of destabilizing the Most Important friendly Border for our Nation , by not only creating sectarianism in this area , but also by exporting Terrorism in the Bordering Provinces of China , which may cause us a Big Loss for us , as by this we will loose a trust worthy Neighbor and an Upcoming Super Power of the World. Which is the goal of these US sponsored Taliban and their associates , to weaken Pakistan on Both the Internal and Foreign Borders.

On 22nd Dec , A Shia Man Dost Mohammad was attacked by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban , when he was gone on to a Barber shop, in the Much area of Balochistan, he was shifted to the Civil Hospital , but could not survive the bullet wounds and embraced Martyrdom.

As per the details he was the Resident of Sindh , but was Migrated to Bolan for economical reasons.

Analysis :

It looks that the Forces of Pakistan have once again surrendered to the Anti State Elements , As Once they Surrendered to the Indian Forces in the East Pakistan , and Lost the Half of the Pakistan for the Personal Benefits of some of the Traitors, who later tried to become the Heroes ,  who for their vested Interest , gave away the sacred Land , which the Patriotic Pakistanis have achieved after rendering Lot of sacrifices , of their loved ones.

And the Present Scenario  even looks the same that some traitors of this Nation , have been bargaining with the Anti State Elements , knowingly that they are after the Disintegration of Pakistan , but still No concrete steps are being taken to Culminate the terrorism , which is every day increasing in Pakistan .

Nations are Born , and Nations are Broken , but the History always records the truth , and it will not be far away when the Unbiased Truthful Historians will right with Golden Word the sacrifices of the Shia Muslims in the Integration of Pakistan , and the sacrifices to safeguard and intimate of the eminent Danger , by giving their lives in the truthful path of Islam and Patriotism .

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