2nd ” Halal ” Summit Planned to be convened in Russia

Russia Halal LogoJNN 07 Jan 2013 Moscow : With support of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), COMCEC, SMIIC, the Central Spiritual management of the Russian Muslims, The Spiritual management of the Chechen Republic Muslims, the Business Russia, on June 4-7, 2013 in the St. Petersburg city the «First Russian Summit Halal» will take place , the Second such Conference on  «International achievements in Halal Industry», organized by «Halal» Certification Center and WORLD HALAL FOOD COUNCIL (WHFC)

On June 4-7, 2013 the «Halal» certification Center will carry out the «First Russian Summit Halal» in Russia. Within the Summit, there will be the Conference devoted to the products certification and services on the Halal standards: «International achievements in Halal Industry».

It was planned to carry out this conference every year in the different countries and the second conference should be held in Brazil, but according to the wishes of the international certification bodies, who gathered for the JAKIM meeting in Malaysia, it was decided to hold it again in Russia. This time it will be held in St. Petersburg.

It is expected that on the Summit will arrive more than 200 heads and the experts who are engaged in certification, development, introduction and improvement of the Halal standards, bank managers investing for the Halal industry projects, and also the people working in the Halal industry.

This time is scheduled to discuss the following hot topics on Halal industry:

  • -Identification of the foundations of emerging markets in the Halal Industry
  • -The industrialization — a trend of halal emerging markets
  • -Investments in the halal industry — the world’s finances
  • -Investments in the halal industry — emerging markets
  • -Free Trade Zones — Halal Industry
  • -Raw materials and ensuring the safety requirements in the halal production
  • -Financial centers in the conditions of emerging halal markets
  • -Investments, microfinancing of small and medium-sized enterprises in the halal industry
  • -Marketing researches of Halal markets
  • -Development of the Halal Tourism in Russia

«Halal» certification Center is the only organization in Russia conducting active work on the Halal industry development


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