4 Bomb Blasts , 93 Martyred above 150 injured by LeJ Terrorist in Quetta , Army Still Indecisive to take action against the Terrorists

Sit in with the Shuhuda Bodies in Quetta aQUETTA: A string of bombings left at least 93 people dead and over 150 wounded in one of the bloodiest days of violence that Balochistan has seen for years.Majority of the Martyred Belonged to Shia Community .

“A suicide bomber detonated the explosives inside a crowded snooker club on Alamdar Road, a Shia-dominated neighbourhood of Quetta,” Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani told Our Correspondent.

“Fifteen minutes later, another explosion went off outside the club as police, media persons and rescuers rushed to the site,” Durrani added.

A senior police official said 81 people were killed and 121 injured – some of them critically. “The fatalities include a television journalist and cameraman, eight police officials and five Edhi volunteers,” Mir Zubair Mehmood, the capital city police officer (CCPO), told a news conference.

The two media men were identified as Samaa TV reporter Saifur Rehman Baloch and Imran Sheikh.

Hamid Shakeel, the deputy inspector general of police (Investigation Branch), said the snooker club was situated in the basement of a four-storey building which collapsed with the impact of the blast.

Moments before the blast, the home secretary said, a man was seen carrying a bag into the crowded snooker club. The man is suspected to be a suicide bomber.

As soon as media persons, police and rescue officials reached the site, the second blast went off. Television channels counted the two explosions as suicide attacks. But the home secretary later described the second as a time device that was planted in a car. Most of the casualties were caused by the second blast.

The bombings disrupted power supplies and plunged the Alamdar Road neighbourhood into darkness. The area is dominated by the Shia Hazara community .

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the blast and said their target was the Hazara community.

A spokesperson for the Terrorist group told Quetta-based journalists in a phone call that the first one was a suicide blast and the second was a planted bomb.

The casualties were driven to the Civil Hospital where a state of emergency was already declared. Dozens of injured are in critical condition, medics said, adding that the death toll could rise.

“We have enough life-saving medicine to treat the injured,” Health Department official Dr Saleem told The Express Tribune.

After the Alamdar Road blast, there were two more blasts on Prince Road, which is part of the commercial district of Quetta, whipping up fear and panic among residents.

Earlier in the day, a massive bomb went off near a paramilitary checkpoint at a busy roundabout of Quetta, killing around a dozen people, including a paramilitary soldier, and injuring 40 others.

The United Baloch Army (UBA), an insurgent group, claimed responsibility for the blast which took place in Bacha Khan Chowk, the commercial district of the provincial capital.

“It was a time device,” Quetta police chief Mir Zubair said.  “The bomb was planted underneath a vehicle parked near a picket of the Frontier Corps (FC),” he told journalists as investigators sifted through the rubble for more clues. “FC personnel were the target,” said police investigator Hamid Shakeel.  The explosion destroyed at least 15 vehicles, three of them belonging to the FC, and 10 nearby shops. One of the FC vehicles was turned into a heap of mangled metal. An explosives expert said the bomb weighed 20 to 30 kilogrammes.

After the blast pools of blood, shattered windows, charred pieces of metal and merchandise from street vendors littered the roadside. Home Secretary Captain (Retd) Akbar Hussain Durrani confirmed 11 fatalities. “Among the dead were an FC soldier, a naib tehsildar and a Revenue Department official.” However, an Edhi rescue official added that one of the injured died while being driven to a hospital.

Shia leaders called on the military on Friday to seize control of the provincial capital of Quetta to protect the Muslim minority after one of the worst sectarian attacks in the country’s history.

Shia leaders also told Reuters they would not allow the 82 victims of two bomb attacks in Quetta on Thursday to be buried until their demands were met.

The Protest Sit In at Alamdar Road to Press for their Demands is in Progress , amid Bad Weather Conditions , as the temperature is chilling Cold , and Plus rain have also added heavy difficulties for the Protesters , but the Morals of the Protesters are running High , and they are ready to face any thing , which may come in their way , until their Legtimate demands of action against the terrrorist and Protection to the Shia Community are Not Met , in Letter and Spirit, the Moral of the Brave Shia Men , have even elevated Much higher , as their Mothers and Sisters have also started to Join the Protest , to Boost Up the Moral , and to Prove that they are the real followers of Imam Hussain a.s , and His Most Sacred Sister Bibi Zainab s.a .

The Protest Sit In was in Progress , till the filling of this Report , as the City and the Federal Administration was Under  heavy Pressure , to see the Undeterred faith and Passion , of the Protesters.

A string of bombings left at least 93 people dead and over 150 wounded in one of the bloodiest days of violence that Balochistan has seen for years.

Analysis :

Pakistan is under attack by the Terrorist, within the country for years and now that has been routine for so many years, but it is now a Big Question Mark on the Role of the Defenders of Pakistan, the Establishment of Pakistan, when the terrorist have raged a deadly war against the Patriot Pakistanis,

And especially against the Shia Community , and in reaction the true the follower of Imam Hussain , have been on the defensive since the beginning , and have not till yet on the offensive , as per the teaching of the Holy Prophet PBUH , and the Great Imams they follow and Have faith in , But still they are Human Beings and they have also a Section of the Society , which is the Youth , and who are tought and trained to be fearless and brave against all the evils , and now the time and the limit have reached that they can also attack in their defense , as when the Government LEA’s and especially the Armed Forces of Pakistan have failed to Provide , safe Protected life to them , who are being Brought up and are fed even on their TAX Money , but either they are not capable of defending the dyeing Nation , or they are again a part of the Conspiracy , in which Pakistan have already been divided , and we have already lost Half of the Pakistan , due to the vested Interest of some of the Politicians and the Members of the Establishment , which includes the Bureaucrats .

It is the time that either the Defender of the Country should revive their Oath of Allegiance to the country and Do or Die , for the Country , and have their Names written in the History , as the Heros with Golden Words , Or otherwise  they will be in the list of Deceivers , Betrayers , here and after , and who were Not Loyal to the country , and were reason for the Killing of thousands of Innocent Pakistani Men , who trusted them for the defense of Pakistan and its People .

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