SC orders the arrest of PM, when Tahir ul Qadri is asking for resignations of the Govt

Pakistani PM Raja Pervez Ashraf arrest ordred BY CJJNN 15 Jan 2013 ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court ordered the arrest of Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the Rental Power Plants case on Tuesday , on corruption charges , reported JNN .At a time when Tahir ul Qadri have already called the Present Government void, and asking for the resignation of the complete Government.

The court also ordered all other respondents in the case to be arrested, and gave 24 hours deadline to the authorities to implement the orders.

The court maintained that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) will be responsible if any of the respondents manage to escape.

“The chief justice ordered that all concerned, regardless of their rank, who have been booked in the case be arrested and if someone leaves the country, then chairman of NAB will be held responsible along with his investigating team,” lawyer Aamir Abbas told AFP.

“The sixteen include Raja Ashraf,” said Abbas, adding that Ashraf had not been referred to by name by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

Abbas, who represents NAB, said the defendants had been ordered to appear before the Supreme Court on Thursday.

In Pakistan’s financial capital, the Karachi Stock Exchange fell sharply as reports of the order flashed across local television news channels.

The KSE 100 index lost 453.46 points, or 2.74 per cent, in little over half an hour, to stand at 16,633.18 just before 3:00pm– 559.74 points down on opening.

The Supreme Court’s order came at a time when Minhajul Quran International (MQI) chief Tahirul Qadri was leading a long march in Islamabad to demand electoral reforms.

Participants of the march were seen celebrating while chanting “Long Live Supreme Court” when Qadri mentioned the court’s decision during his speech.

PM Ashraf was given the title of Raja Rental after he was accused of receiving kickbacks in the rental power projects. He was also accused of buying property in London from money earned through corruption in various scams.

He has been defending himself in the Supreme Court.

On March 30, the apex court had directed the National Accountability Bureau to proceed against those who were in the post of minister for water and power from 2006 till the next general elections. As a result, on April 20, NAB issued arrest warrants for 33 persons, including Ashraf.

Case background

Earlier last year, the court directed NAB  to proceed against all government functionaries involved, including the ministers for water and power during whose tenure the RPPs were approved or set up, and the minister and finance secretary holding charge when down payment for RPPs was increased from 7% to 14%.

Liaquat Jatoi and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf were water and power ministers in 2006 and 2008, respectively, while Shaukat Tareen was the finance minister in 2008, when down payment was increased.

Of the 19 RPP deals signed initially, only nine were allowed to function after a damning Asian Development Bank evaluation report. Subsequently, six of those nine RPPs were discontinued.

As the Order of the Supreme Court has come at a Time , when the Chief of the Minhaj ul Quran , Allama Tahir ul Qadri ,who is in Islamabad , with about 35 – 40 Thousands of his supporters , whom some have Marched with him , from Lahore , while other have joined him in, from near By Places , in his Protest Sit In at the D Roundabout in front of the Parliament and President House against the Present Government , in the name of Electoral Reforms , In which he have declared the Present Government Invalid , and have asked the Government to Dissolution of National and Provincial Assemblies , and at the time when PM Raja Pervez Ashraf was ordered to be arrested with his co accussed , the same time Tahir ul Qadri was delivering the same speech and emphasizing on his Illegitimacy  of the Present Government , and as the News hit the channels and reached the Crowd and to Tahir ul Qadri , The Moral of his supporter jumped Multiple times , and the authenticity of his demand was even validated.

And due to such perfect timing in these events , and the Biased attitude of the Present Chief Justice and the Judiciary , the question has been asked by Mostly every Neutral Philanthropist and Journalist , as what is behind ,such Perfect timing.

As He is the same Chief Justice ,who have uptill now not taken any action against the Target Killing of Shia Community , when whole of the world was protesting against the Target Killing of Pakistani Shia Community , and especially in the case of the Quetta Carnage when 87 bodies of the Martyrs were lying on for about 62hrs unburried , and whole of the World was asking for action from the same Chief Justice , But no action was taken in this regard.

The Present Month is especially very crucial and critical in the History of Pakistan , as Every force whether in favour of Pakistan or against Pakistan is trying to take the benefit of the fragile situation of Pakistan ,and trying to make the most for their vested Interests.


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