Atleast 26 Shiite Pilgrims Martyred , several Injured in a wave of Bomb attacks by terrorists across Iraq

Bomb Attack on Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq Jan 2013JNN 18 Jan 2013 BAGHDAD — Insurgents unleashed a string of bomb attacks mainly targeting Shiite Muslim pilgrims across Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 26 people and extending a deadly wave of bloodshed into a second day. Continue reading

Shia Young Man Martyred by the Wahabi Group firing on a Majlis in Lucknow , India

Shaheed Shanu Funeral Prayer , 16 Jan 2013 , Lucknow , India

JNN 17 Jan 2013 Lucknow: A Shia man was Martyred and more than a dozen people were injured in an attack on a Majlis (Islamic Lecture) held at Deputy Saheb Ka Imambargah in Wazirganj when the member of the Wahabi sect attacked & fired several rounds and Pelted stones , on the unarmed peaceful attendants of the Majlis on Wednesday night, police said. Continue reading