Syrian Army Drives out Terrorist from Several Areas , who were engaged in destroying religious Sites

Syrian Army drives out TerroristJNN 25 Jan 2013 Damascus : The Syrian Army has managed to drive foreign-backed militants out of different locations in Syria , these foreign Terrorist are engaged in destroying and Looting Religious sites. Continue reading

Pakistan’s release of Taliban prisoners strengthening Outlaws , which may create More Instability in the Region

Pakistan Releases Afghan TalibanJNN 25 Jan 2013 Kabul : Afghan MP Hafiz Mansour says that Islamabad’s decision to release a number of Afghan Taliban prisoners is politically motivated and could even damage the peace process in neighboring Afghanistan. Continue reading

42 Shia Martyred by a Suicide Attack in a funeral at an Imambargah (Husseiniya ) in Iraq

Suicide Attack at an Imambargah in IraqJNN 25 Jan 2013 Baghdad : A suicide bomber detonated his explosives during a funeral ceremony Wednesday at a Shia mosque in northern Iraq, Martyring at least 42 people, and injuring more than 75 people, an official said, AFP reported. Continue reading

Rohingya Muslims misery deepens as they Flee to Thailand , who are caught and Sold to Human Traffickers

Rohingya Muslims Flee to ThailandJNN 25 Jan 2013 Bangkok : Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have escaped from Myanmar to Thailand in order to avoid attacks by government-backed extremist Buddhists, who are being caught and  sold by the Thai Officials to Human Traffickers . Continue reading

Economic Collapse of Spain Pushes Jobless Rate to 26.02% , it starts Break up as Catalonia declares Sovereignty

Spain Unemployment 26% Catalonia IndependentJNN 24 Jan 2013 Barcelona : Official data indicate that Spain’s unemployment rate hit a record high of 26.02 percent in the final quarter of 2012 as the country continues to grapple with economic problems. While the Economic Melt Down has further causing Divisions in Spain as the Catalan Region Parliament have approved the declaration of State of Sovereignty , which is the First Step towards the Independence of the Catalan Region from Spain . Continue reading