World Condemns the Israeli Airstrike on Syrian Research Center

Israeli Airstrike on Syrian Research CenterJNN 2 Feb 2013 New York -The United Nations, several countries, and some international organizations have censured Israel for the airstrike it launched on Syria last Wednesday.

On January 30, the Syrian army issued a statement saying two people were killed and five others injured in an Israeli airstrike on a research center in Jamraya, which is located near the capital. The statement called the attack a “blatant act of aggression” and condemned Israel for supporting Syrian terrorists.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed “grave concern” on Thursday over reports that Israeli jets bombed a site in Syria near the Lebanese border and urged all countries in the region to respect the sovereignty of their neighbors, Gulf News reported on Friday.

“The secretary general calls on all concerned to prevent tensions or their escalation in the region, and to strictly abide by international law, in particular in respect of… sovereignty of all countries in the region,” he said in a statement.

Syrian officials said the Israeli aggression was a violation of a disengagement accord reached after the last major war between the two countries.

Syria sent a letter to the UN secretary general emphasizing the country’s “right to defend itself, its territory, and sovereignty” and holding Israel and its supporters accountable.

Israel violates UN Charter

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday expressing deep concern over Israel’s airstrike on Syria, saying that it violated the UN Charter, RT reported.

“If this information is confirmed, that would mean that we have to deal with unprovoked attacks on the territory of a sovereign state, which is inadmissible, whatever objectives are declared as a justification,” said the statement, which was published on the Russian Foreign Ministry website.

Russian diplomats are taking urgent measures to determine the details of the incident.

Meanwhile, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman has denounced the Israeli attack on a research center in Syria, accusing the Zionist regime of taking advantage of the crisis in the country to implement its ‘aggressive policies.’

“Israel is exploiting the current situation in Syria to implement its aggressive policies, flouting international treaties and humanitarian rights and norms,” the Lebanese president said in a statement issued by his office on Thursday.

Israel has increased imbalance in Middle East

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation also condemned the Israeli airstrike on a research center near Damascus.

Turkish media outlets reported that OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu denounced the Israeli attack on Thursday.

“The Israeli attack on a Syrian target will increase the imbalance in the Middle East,” Ihsanoglu said.

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