Saudi Infested Wahabi terrorist Destroying Holy Sufi Shrines in Tunisia

Damage is seen at the burnt out Saida Manoubia shrine in the governorate of Manouba, west of the capital, in Tunis JNN 7 Feb 2013 Tunis : The Saudi Infested Wahabi set a holy site in Tunisia on fire on Friday, tunivisions website reported.  Continue reading

Iran and Egypt calls for greater cooperation and Play a role in Muslim Unity around the World

Egytian & Irani Presidents Morsi and AhmedinijadJNN 6 Feb 2013 TEHRAN – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday began a historic visit to Egypt, where he will attend a summit of heads of state and government of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Continue reading

Britons consider Immigrants as UK’s biggest problem

Imigrants a Problem to UKJNN 6 Feb 2013 London : A new poll has revealed that the British public considers immigration as the biggest problem the society is faced with, but UK citizens are basically tolerant to immigration, as long as new arrivals are in work and integrate into society. Continue reading