Pakistani Shia Protest over Forced Deportation, UAE Ambassador summoned to the FO

Shia Men Deported from UAE Protesting agains the InjusticeJNN 15 Feb 2013 Islamabad : Pakistan has expressed concerns over “forced deportation” of Pakistani Shias from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by summoning the UAE Ambassador to the Foreign Office, Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani told Our Correspondent.

Jilani said that the UAE Ambassador to Pakistan was summoned to the Foreign Office a few days back and the issue of forced deportation of Pakistanis from the UAE was taken up with him and the government’s concerns were conveyed to him.

A number of Pakistanis working in various emirates of the UAE told this scribe that people from Shia sect were being victimised and thousands had already been deported from various emirates of the UAE. Majority of the deportees possess legal residency documents and belong to Kurram Agency, Parachinar of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

“Yes, we are aware of the fact, which is of course a very serious matter. We summoned the UAE Ambassador to Foreign Office a few days ago and the issue was taken up with him,” Jilani said. He said that the UAE envoy assured him that he would convey the concerns of the government of Pakistan to his government and assured that they would look into the matter.

Jilani further said that Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UAE had also raised the issue with the authorities concerned and expressed Pakistan government’s concerns to the UAE authorities.

“This is a serious issue particularly in a country which we consider our good friend and having good brotherly relations with. We’ve conveyed to the UAE authorities that the issue will create negative image of their country in Pakistan,” Jilani added.

Member National Assembly from Kurram Agency, Sajid Hussain Turi confirmed to this correspondent that Pakistanis, particularly from Turi and Bangash tribes of Kurram Agency areas, were being deported.

Turi recently visited the UAE along with Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions Eng, Shaukatullah Khan as well as another MNA from Orakzai Agency Jawad Hussain met with Pakistan Ambassador to the UAE Jamil Ahmad Khan. He said the matter was also of concern for the Pakistan Embassy and they had taken up the issue with UAE authorities.

He also revealed that more than 550 people belonging to Kurram Agency had recently been expelled and 600 more have received telephone calls from the immigration authorities to leave the UAE forthwith.

He also claimed that prior to deportation the Pakistanis were sent to jail where they were humiliated by shaving their heads and eyebrows. “I conveyed my concerns to Pakistan’s envoy over such treatment of Pakistani people in the UAE,” he said, adding that upon his request, the envoy deputed Pakistan Consular General in Dubai Dr Riaz to investigate the matter, who also confirmed that the Pakistanis of a Shia sect were being humiliated by the Wahabi UAE authorities prior to their deportation.

He said that Ambassador Khan informed them that he had written to the Foreign Office suggesting that the UAE Ambassador be summoned and a serious protest over the issue be lodged. Furthermore, the MNA said that the envoy also revealed that the Pakistan Embassy had got NOC (no objection certificate) from the Foreign Office and Interior Ministry to lodge a serious protest with Foreign Ministry of the UAE.

According to a Qatar-based Pakistani journalist, Rehmat Mehsud, the UAE authorities are expelling Pakistanis for security reasons. “People of different communities used to gather on Friday (for Friday prayers) which led the authorities to suspect some terror activity was being planned,” Mehsud alleged.

This scribe talked to various Pakistanis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who were worried for their future, saying that deportation would not only compel them to suffer a huge loss in their investments but also hurt the national exchequer in terms of lower foreign remittances.

They said that they were being asked to leave their businesses and evacuate properties within hours.

“I received a call for my ill cousin Arif Hussain who is currently on ventilator in ICU (intense care unit) in Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Abu Dhabi after surgery. The immigration authorities just left a message to Hussain to leave the country as soon as he recovers consciousness,” an attendant and cousin of Arif Hussain, who wished not to be named, told this scribe worried. Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights, which met with Senator Afrasyab Khattak in the chair on Friday, also expressed serious concerns over the forced deportation of Pakistanis from the UAE.

Recently, the UAE has expelled dozens of long-term Lebanese Shia residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah.

Hundreds of overseas Pakistanis especially people from Parachinar , Kurram Agency , forcibly deported from the UAE, Demonstrated and protested demanding the Pakistani government to deport UAE nationals from Rahim Yar Khan forthwith.

While telling their miseries in a statement the affected overseas Pakistanis told that on one hand, in tribal areas they and their families have been sandwiched between military and the Taliban Terrorist and their genocide continues there and on the other, now UAE government began their forceful deportation that is tantamount to their economic genocide.

They condemned Pakistan’s Foreign Office, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Civil Society for their silence on the burning  National issue of Pakistan.
They further told that they had worked hard to convert the desert Arabian UAE into a modern city in addition to huge foreign exchange in remittances to Pakistan. But, unfortunately, they received coercively deportation in return.

They told that they remained obedient to the UAE Laws throughout their stay there but the UAE government violated all the laws regarding International Recruitments and also disregarded humanitarian rules to by deporting them.

They cited that they were expelled without giving any notice or reason for sacking from their employment and deportation. On the contrary, they received calls from the UAE Officials and Pakistani embassy staff who asked them to leave UAE within 48 hours. The orders for dismissals from services were not received from their companies.

They condemned the Pakistani Ambassador to the UAE for his inefficiency and incompetency who could have taken measures before hand and could have saved the Innocent Pakistanis from forceful Illegal Deportation. They also strongly denounced the ruling PPP who is also a silent spectator on economic genocide of the Overseas Pakistanis.

They demanded the Government of Pakistan to give a tit for tat response to the UAE by forcibly deporting the UAE nationals from Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan and also take strict action. Otherwise, they will take this matter to International Labor Organization (ILO) and UNO. They also demanded Civil Society and human rights groups to focus this key issue from which hundreds of families are affected and can affect the society and economy at large.

At least 4,000 Shia Muslims have been deported from United Arab Emirates and forced to leave everything in United Arab Emirates.

The Shia immigrants were told to leave the UAE as soon as possible within 24 hours without any reason, even some of them were living since 20 years in the UAE.

The deported imigrants are including Pakistain, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese Shia Muslims. The Wahabi UAE Monarchy has started the forced deportation of Shia immigrants four years ago, when the Abu-Dhabi state has expelled the thousands of Shiite Muslims belongs from Parachinar, Punjab and Sindh province.

The United Arab Emirates has expelled long-term Lebanese Shiite residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah.

On security grounds all these were force to evacuate their property within hours, one of the immigrant informed told our correspondent.

The residence permits were also cancelled for no apparent reason.

Last year Khoja Shia madrassa closed down, Shia mosque activities restricted, World Federation meeting on 19th May 2012 shifted to Dar al Salam after government refusal to host it in Dubai.

Since 2009 hundreds of Shia have been deported from UAE, while in April 2012 in a wave of deportations of Lebanese nationals 9 immigrants were deported and banned to enter in UAE.

The current deportations of Shia Muslims this year have also made them banned to enter in UAE due to security concerns.

They have not committed any crime and they were not in the habit of discussing politics, but they were practical Shias.

The insiders told the Shiite News that the United States and Saudi Wahabi kingdom were involved in the conspiracy to deport the Shiite Muslims majority of them are Pakistani from the United Arab Emirates.

Though, the UAE government has deported thousands of Pakistani from the kingdom without any reason but the incompetent government of Zardari regime has not taken any serious notice of the forced deportation of Pakistani immigrants, a major resource of Pakistan’s Foreign Exchange.


7 thoughts on “Pakistani Shia Protest over Forced Deportation, UAE Ambassador summoned to the FO

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  5. I am a victim, too. Eventhough, I am no shia. Having an “islamic” name doesn’t really change your beliefs, wish the UAE government could realize that.
    I had been living in the UAE for over 20 years, working in GASCO. My security pass was not issued by the CNIA for no reason.
    I am ever ready to provide all my details for the confirmation matter. We have served the country since years and years. And is this the end we deserve?
    Really disappointing!
    Maqood Abbas Raza.

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  7. Salaam to all the readers and i pray our voices be heard since we have all been betrayed and striped naked of our lives UAE Government, myself have been born and broughtup in UAE ‘place of birth Dubai’ living for 24 years was help up in the Airport Jail from 11th until further deportation 14th.
    The Emigration top head didn’t even allow us to say anything and were given 2 options very strictly 1) Jail (2) Pakistan,
    I have been working in Interplasr Co. LTD from 2007 for the past 9 years and was deported for no reason, the reason by the emigraion office was not authentic for Blacklisting me, was treated like a criminal !!! never have i faced such embarrassment in my entire life ‘.
    This shows the level of knowledge UAE has no wonder they belong to the blood line of ‘Abu Jaihal’.
    I can never forget the tears of those nationalities who were with me inside that jail wished i could explain those feeling in words ‘I pray they find a better opportunity and be blessed with my share of happiness.
    I am proud of being a shia and would proudly shoutout load about it and i say to all those brothers, sisters and families to be proud of it neverever let the feeling of regret come to your conscious even for a single minute, as a shia our lifes are always tested by the Almighty ‘Allah’ in every step just like our Imam’s remember the difficulties faced by the 14 infalliables.
    May Allah bless us all with Sabar and patience in tough times like this and guide us.

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