Once again Atleast 65 Shia Men ,Women Martyred over 180 injured in a Bomb Blast at a Market in Quetta , Pakistan

Kirani Road Blast , Quetta , 16 Feb 2013.nQUETTA: At least 65 people were Martyred and over 180 injured in a blast on Kariani Road in Quetta on Saturday, Our Correspondent reported. The area is reported to be located in the vicinity of Hazara Town.

At around 5.30p.m whole of the Quetta was rocked by a Huge Blast on Kirani Road, which is in the vicinity of Hazara Town.

As per rough estimates of the Security agencies , the Bomb Disposal Squad has estimated the Bomb to be about 800 – 1000 Kg, which was controlled by a remote control and was Planted in a Tractor Trolley , while the explosive were hidden in the Water Tanker attached to the trolley , which was parked in the Market by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi . At the Point of explosion , a 6 feet deep and about 18feet wide crater has been formed due to the Huge Explosion . A Number of the Multi Story Buildings at the site of explosion has been raised to the ground .  

Sources told Jafria News that women and children are also amongst the casualties.

Security forces and the Bomb Disposal Squad have cordoned off the area, fearing another blast. A search operation has also been launched.

The relief teams were allowed in only after the bomb site was cleared.

Officials said almost all of the dead were members of Hazara shia Community.

Due to lack of rescue services, people are moving the injured victims to hospitals on Alamdar road by themselves.

Emergency has been declared at Civil, Civil-Military Hospital and Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) hospitals.

However, some eyewitnesses coming from the site told media that the blast destroyed several shops, houses and vehicles. Hospital sources said the death toll may rise further as several people among the injured were in critical condition.

The injured have been shifted the CMH where many of them are reportedly in serious condition.

“Dozens of people were also injured. We have announced an emergency in hospitals,” Provincial home secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani said.

“It was a remote-controlled bomb,” DIG police Wazir Khan Nasir told AFP. The bomb was planted in a vehicle that was parked near a school and market on Kirani road.

The school hosts language classes in the evening, while the market is thronged by people looking to purchase groceries and green groceries.

Durrani confirmed the incident and told AFP that the dead included women and children.

Tommorow was the announced Chelum of the 92 Martyrs of the Alamdar Road Blast , which will now be observed as the Protest Sit In in Quetta and around the Country .

Majlis Wahatul Muslemeen has announced to observe strike tomorrow as a protest against the Quetta’s blast, which is even endorsed by other Shia Parties ISO , JSO , PAYAM , QAYAM , JAP, Including Shia Ulema Council all over Pakistan .

MWM has announced a Protest Sit In at the Governor House in Quetta .

The Sindh and Balochistan Government has announced an Official Mourning on Sunday , and the National Flags will be Flown at Half Mast on Government and Official Buildings.

The Governor of Balochistan has already announced a compensation of Rs.1 Million for each of the Martyred in the Bomb Blast .

The leader of Shia Ulema Council have even given a call for the Protest Sit Ins all over Pakistan , In the same tradition as it was done last time on the Alamdar Road Blast , in which Masses of Shia Community Blocked the Major Road and Highways including , Railway Tracks and Airports , which resulted in bringing the whole of the country to a stand still , and which made the Government to come on their knees and accept the demands of the families of the victims and the Shia Parties to enforce Governor Rule in Quetta , which was accepted after the Protest Sit Ins which lasted for about 72 hours all around the country .

A Protest Sit By the SUC at the National Highway , Karachi at Malir #15 , and another at the Hyderabad By Pass has already been Staged , due to which all the traffic to the Upcountry from the Port City Karachi . has already been suspended .

However, similar attacks in the recent past have been done by the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a notorious terrorist group that often targets Shias .

On January 10, a twin suicide attack in Quetta killed 92 Hazara Shias, the highest toll in a single attack on Shias, who make up 30 per cent of Pakistan’s population of 180 million.

Following the attack, the federal government imposed Governor’s Rule in Balochistan province.

The Explosion is due to the incompetency of the Security agencies , was statement given by the Governor of Balochistan , on his visit to the Hospital , for the inquire of the Health and well being of the People who were injured in the attack.

It is very sad that the terrorist are conducting their business , with out any fail , and our Establishment which is the Only hope for the Pakistani Nation , is still not taking any concrete steps to stem this menace , as now the time is running very fast , and the last and the final Option with the Helpless Patriotic Pakistanis is to stand up themselves and to Protect the Nation and to Protect their future generations is not to see towards any body and to organize and take the defense of their Home Land in their Own Hands and every body should take part in defense of themselves and the Nation , by contributing in their Own capacities , and to Bring the terrorist out of their dens and do the Justice with them . By eliminating them and as result terrorism will it self be eliminated.

” God Only Help those , Who help themselves “

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