Protest Sit Ins across Pakistan Continues amid assurances to the Protesters of successful Negotiations with Govt

Kirani Road Bomb Blast Protest Sit In at Hazara Town aOn the 4th day of the Protest Sit across Pakistan Majlis-e-Wehdat-e-Muslameen (MWM), Unity Council of Quetta, Shia Ulema Council, All Pakistan Shia Action Committee have called for an end to the nationwide protests and sit ins condemning the Quetta bombing on Tuesday, But the Relative of the Martyrs and the Protester denied the request as they emphasized over their demand of Handing Over the Control of Quetta to the Pakistan Army.

The MWM leader Allama Amin Shaheedi made this call while addressing the media alongside Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira and Governor of Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Magsi

Kaira was heading a six member government mission to Quetta which they thought that they had successful negotiations with leaders of the Shia Unity council, which includes Members of Shia Ulema Council , Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen , Shia Action Comitte, Hazara Democratic Party , but as the Shia Ulema council at the media briefing, had also called for the survivors to start preparations for the burials of their loved ones.

The Relatives , Friends and Family Protesters participants of the Sit In totally rejected the Negotiations , as they said that there Major Demand of Army Control of Quetta is not Met , so they ll continue their Sit In Until their Demand is Met.

And as the News of the Total rejection of calling Off the Protest Sit of the family, friends well wisher of the Quetta Blast Victims , who have rejected the Negotiations of the 6 member Governement Committee with their Leaders , the Organisers of the Other Sit Ins across Pakistan also Vowed to continue their Protest Sit In Until the demand of the heirs of the Quetta , Kirani Road Blast Calls Off their Protest and agrees for the burial of their Loved Ones.

Addressing the media, Kaira admitted that the government had resolved to learn from its past mistakes and that more attention would now be paid towards providing more security to the Hazara community.

The Protester across Pakistan has also condemned the Media , Government , and the Political Leaders ,who are trying to frame the whole Scenario against the Hazara Community as ethnic , Instead of Sectarian , as they are trying to single Out the Shia Hazara Community , as the Ethnic Cleansing of  Hazara Community , Instead of Shia Target Killing as they are trying to make Divisions in the Shia Community of Pakistan on the basis of different ethnicities and Languages to weaken them , as it is the very Old Plan of their Masters to Divide and Rule .

But We have Pointed out this on every forum , and now it has been highlighted by the Shia Philanthropist and even the Shia Political Leader , that Any Shia Person No Matter , He Belongs to which Party, ethnicity , or speak any Language , but a Shia is a Shia First and all the Shia Muslims Men are Brothers to all the Muslim Men , except the Munafiqeen , who are trying to create disharmony among Muslims and trying to weaken the Muslims of the World.

“Army jawans are already taking part in the operations, which will go on till the time the terror infrastructure is not completely uprooted,” Amin Shaheedi said.

“If we can eradicate terrorism from Pakistan after this incident then this would be a victory for the martyrs,”  he remarked.

Shaheedi and Kaira also resolved to keep the media abreast with all developments so that the nation could be taken into confidence.

The Death toll of the Latest Quetta Carnage has risen to 111, and still the critically injured are not transferred to Karachi for their Better Medical treatment as Promised by the Balochistan Government.

While the compensation amount which was announced for the 92 Martyred victims of the Alamdar Road , which was Promised to be distributed in a weeks time , has even not been given to their heirs till yet.

Pakistan Witnessed Shia Protest Sit in across Pakistan which includes Quetta , Karachi, Islamabad , Rawalpindi , Lahore , Faisalabad, Gujranwala , Multan , Sargodha , Gujrat, Hyderabad, Qazi Ahmed , tando Allahyar , Skardu , Gilgit , Baltistan and Practically every Part of Pakistan. As per the sources calculation There were more than 772 Places were Protest Sit Ins are organized in condemnation of Kirani Road Shia Killing and to demand Justice and Rule of Law in Quetta and across Pakistan to Provide security to the targeted Shia Community .

As Karachi is the Largest City of Pakistan , with about 20 Million of Population, which consist of 4 District , and 18 Towns also took active Part in the Protest Sit Ins and at around 32 Places Shia Momineen Protested Peacefully and staged Protest Sit Ins where in each Hundred and in some Places Thousands of Men , Women , Young , Old and Children took part in these Protests .

In the latest Update to the Scenario the Road Network of Pakistan is Paralyzed due to the Protest Sit Ins  , while the Railways Network of Pakistan has also been cut off from Karachi the Port City, In addition to the Blockage of Roads leading to the Karachi Airport , while the Shia Activist of MWM has Staged a Protest Sit In Infront of the Lahore Airport , due to which Lahore Airport has also been paralyzed

As per the Intelligence agencies report the Bomb which created Havoc in Kirani Road , Quetta Blast , was actually a Liquified Bomb , and was made of Potassium Chloride , Amonium Nitrate, Diesel , and Water, with the detonator as a 8 – 10 Kg explosives which ignited the Liquified Bomb , which was around 800- 1000Kg , and concealed in a water Tanker driven by a MF Tractor due to which its intensity was Humongous and with a quality that where ever and what ever came in contact with this Blast Material was set on fire , and that was the Major cause of Death of Blast victims as the Bodies of Majority of the Blast Victims were Charged and Unidentifiable.

Tahir ul Qadri of Minhaj ul Quran and Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf also backs the demand of the Shia Protester to Hand Over the Control of Quetta to Army .

In an Unusual appearance Allama Talib Johri , in association with Allama Abbas Kumaili ,Shabbar Raza of JAP,  Farooq Sattar ,Wasim Aftab of MQM , Justice ( Retd) Wajihuddin and Mohd. Hussain Mehanti of Jamat e Islami conducted a Press Briefing at the Karachi Press Club, in which Allama Talib Johri in an Unususal tone said that if “  Government still not take any concrete steps then He Himself will launch a Movement against the Government ” .

Calling the recent attack barbaric, Farooq Sattar said terrorists have got the “license to kill” in the country’s major cities.

“Terror rules Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi,” he said.

Former judge of the Supreme Court Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, while speaking to journalists, questioned how come 1000kg explosives – used in Saturday’s Quetta bombing – travelled to the blast site undetected.

While The Supreme Court announced to take suo motu notice of the killings of the recent attacks on the Hazara community in Quetta.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry fixed the case for hearing onTuesday and issued notices to the Balochistan advocate general as well as the attorney general of Pakistan.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that an operation cleanup should have been conducted against the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), while hearing the Quetta bombing case on Tuesday, reported JNN.

While as They have refused to bury the dead until Quetta is handed over to the army and a targeted operation launched against the culprits.

Following is the Charter of Demands which was Presented by the Shia Leaders for Negotiations with the Government:

  1. Quetta City should be given under Administrative Control of the Pakistan Army.
  2. Targetted Operation should be conducted in Balochistan , and the Terrorist involved in the Shia Target Killing Should be exemplary Punishment, which sets and example for the others.
  3. The Already Approved Previous Demands should be implemented in Letter and spirit , which include the removal of the Names of the Innocent Shia Youth Nominated in the FIR for the Quds Day Incident , and the Announced and Agreed Compensation amount to the Injured and the Heirs of the Victims should be released at the earliest.
  4. Shia Community should be issued Arm Licenses , and they should be given Permission to form a Community Policing System for their self Defence.
  5. A Deep screening of extremist Minded Element Present in FC , Police & Armed Forces,should be done , and such People who have links with these terrorist or terrorist Organisations should be removed from these forces.
  6. The High Official & the Ministers of the Last Dismissed Government involved in the Terrorism and in the sponsorship of Terrorism should be arrested and should be included in the Investigation Process.
  7. Media Should be banned to Publicize the Takfiri News and their Press Statements , and the Banned Organisations News should be completed restricted and should be implemented in Letter and Spirit.
  8. Grafitti and Wall chalking of the Banned Terrorist Organisation , should be removed and the culprits of such Wall Chalking should be nabbed and Punished .
  9. Banned Organisation like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi should be restricted for any type of activities .

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