Finally the Burial of the Martyrs of the Kirani Road Incident Performed , With an end to the Protest Sit Ins across Pakistan

Burial of the Kirani Road Blast Shia HazaraJNN 21 Feb 2013 QUETTA: Amid protests, tears, sobs and some scuffles with enraged Protesters, the Shia Hazara community finally buried their 113 Martyrs of Kirani Road Blast in their Native Bahisht e Zehra Graveyard on Wednesday.

The mass burial brought to an end a three-day sit-in protest by relatives and members of the Hazara community after they accepted a government request to call off the nationwide protests.

Families and community members had refused to bury the victims of Saturday’s bomb attack in Hazara Town – which came just over a month after twin blasts killed over 100 people, mostly Hazaras – until their demand of Pakistan Army to take control of the provincial capital.

But after successful Negotiations with the Governments Parliamentary Committee and the Shia Leaders of all the Parties agreed to the funeral of the Martyr on Wednesday

MWM General Secretary Allama Amin Shaheedi along with the victims’ relatives announced at a news conference late Tuesday night that they would bury the bodies on Wednesday at 9am.

But  Some Young Men Just got carried away by the People trying to Instigate and Disrupt the Harmony and Unity of the Whole Shia Nation and Played in the hands of Miscreants , who wanted to sabotage the Unity among the Shia Nation tried to disrupt the Process of the Burial , and pelted stones and due to which the Police had to do Aerial firing , but the real heirs of of the Martyrs carried away the Burial Process and finally the Burial ended Peacefully.

On Wednesday, some angry relatives and community members, crying and screaming, initially refused to bury the dead. But later on they were even convinced by the Shia Leadership and was assured that the security of the area will be reviewed on the Daily Basis, on which the Heirs of the Martyrs agreed on the Burial of their Loved Ones.

A large number of paramilitary Fortier Corps and police personnel rushed to the spot and managed to bring the situation under control.

The angry mob finally dispersed and as the bodies were buried in a row of graves, hundreds of volunteers formed a human chain in a symbol of solidarity and protection.

Soldiers from the paramilitary Frontier Corps and police were deployed in all markets and on roads in Quetta city as the burials took place, while troops searched every vehicle heading towards the Hazara Town area.

Case registered against trouble-makers

Quetta police chief Mir Zubair told reporters that a case had been registered against the men involved in firing and pelting stones at the police in the graveyard.

The MWM central vice president said they had convinced to relatives of victims to end their protest and bury their dead; yet, some elements wanted to disrupt the peaceful burial.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, he called on the government to change newly appoint police chief Mushtaq Sukera.

38 Critically Injured of the Blast were moved By C -130 to Karachi on Thursday Early Morning , While One of the Injured Female Victim during the transfer embraced Martyrdom , as she was being transferred from Faisal Airbase to the Hospital. Most of the Patients were transferred to the Agha Khan Hospital , while some were transferred to the Liaqat National Hospital . Out of 38 Airlifted critically injured included 27 men , and 10 Women .

The Shia Leadership have emphasized categorically that the Community should be aware of the Conspiracy Theory , as at present enemies are trying head over heels to Disintegrate the Shia community , as they are afraid of the Developments and the Show of Shia Unity which was on such a Massive scale that the country have not witnessed it since the Partition of Indo- Pak.


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