Buddhist attack a Muslim Religious School in Yangoon

Muslim School attacked By Budhist in Yangoon 17 Feb 2013JNN 26 Feb 2013 Yangoon : A crowd of about 300 Buddhists attacked a Muslim Religious  school in Yangon on 17th Feb 2013, The crowd also attacked Muslims who tried to stop the violence.

The school is located between 18th and 19th street in Thar Ka Ta township. As permitted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the school has existed since 2001 and it now requires fixing the roof.

After receiving necessary permission from the municipal authority, the school administrators started repairing the roofs. But the Section In-charge or Sae Ein Mu (literal meaning: the person who is in-charge of 10 houses) was upset about it, and some extremists started the attack, followed by other residents.

They vandalized the school under the very nose of security forces who were near the place, IINA news agency reported.

Myanmar’s Muslim groups convened an emergency meeting after the attack discussing strategies for preventing anti-Islamic attacks.

They called for decisive action by the Myanmar government against the perpetrators. This is while local sources say some government officials have collaborated in the attack on the Islamic center.

During the attack, there were two police. They told the crowd that the school would be demolished after two weeks, but the crowd did not listen.

It was also learned from the sources that the mob also attacked a Muslim man who was then saved by the police.

Tin Maung Than, secretary general of Islamic Affairs Council who was also a member of the Arakan conflict investigation commission, arrived in the area and asked Sae Ein Mu about the event.

Being upset, Sae Ein Mu said ‘attack, attack’ and some members of the crowd punched and attacked Tin Maung Than and his colleague, Zaw Min Latt.

In other news, the Rohingya news agency reported that the Myanmar government plans to resettle Buddhist migrants from Bangladesh in Myanmar’s Muslim-majority regions.

The government intends to confiscate Muslims’ lands and properties and give them over to the Buddhists.

The news agency also disclosed a plan by the military commander of Arakan region to carry out a genocide against Muslims in the region with the help of Buddhist leaders

According to a representative from a Muslim organization, five major Muslim organizations in Myanmar are holding a meeting about the violence . They will address the case and also report it to Nay Pyi Daw.

The organizations are also discussing about The Voice Weekly Journal’s erratic reporting. Instead of saying the roof repair, The Voice reported as ‘building a new mosque’, leading to public anger.

The Buddhist majority in Myanmar are against the existence of mosques, leave alone building new ones. The Voice’s false report frustrated the public.

Nyi Win, a Yangon resident, told Media, “The Voice posted photos about today case on its Facebook network, captioning it to be about the construction of a new mosque”.

He added that public swearing and anti-Muslim comments are appearing again on The Voice’s Facebook Page. Nyi Win is worried that anti-Muslim mobilization will spread across the country via the internet.

This is not the first incident either. In 2011, there were similar mob actions in Hpakant, Kachin state, and in Kamma in central Myanmar. No legal action has been taken to any instigators.

This is the time Myanmar Muslims must investigate the network of responsible individuals and groups and bring them to court.

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