Federal and Punjab Government still playing a Blame Game Instead of a Crack down on LeJ, SSP & TTP

Shahbaz Sharif & Rehman MalikJNN 26 Feb 2013 Islamabad : Amidst growing calls for a decisive crackdown against the Banned Terrorist Group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) , federal and provincial government officials shifted the responsibility for taking action against the outlawed organization blamed for most sectarian terrorism in the country. 

“Law and order is a provincial subject, therefore, provincial governments are responsible for peace, ” Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Saturday and questioned the Punjab government’s “reluctance” to go after the Known LeJ bases in the province.

He faulted the Punjab government for going soft on the LeJ even though it has been told umpteen times to dismantle LeJ bases in southern parts of the province. If the reluctance continues, the interior ministry will directly take action against the LeJ through the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), he added.

Malik called upon LeJ militants to renounce violence and surrender their arms. The government is willing to negotiate if the LeJ and Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi give up violence.

Malik’s diatribe came a day after the Punjab administration detained Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat (ASWJ) chief Malik Muhammad Ishaq, who is also said to be a leader of the LeJ, under the Maintenance of Public Order for 30 days.

The LeJ has claimed responsibility for two deadly bombings in Quetta’s Alamdar Road and Hazara Town neighbourhoods in the past few weeks. Nearly 200 people, mostly from the Hazara Shia community, were killed in these attacks.

Incensed by Malik’s scathing criticism, the Sharif brothers hit back, questioning his performance as interior minister .

“Rehman Malik should in form the nation as to what action he has taken over the brutal murder of hundreds of innocent Muslims in Balochistan,” Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said while speaking to the media after offering condolences to the family of Prof Dr Ali Haider, who was killed in a targeted attack in Lahore.

Asked if there was any link between Dr Haider’s murder and the recent sectarian attacks in Quetta, Nawaz Sharif, the chief of the ruling party in Punjab, evaded a direct reply. Instead, he said there was rule of law in Punjab, where the security situation was much better than other provinces.

Nawaz also hit out at the federal government for the volatile security situation in the country, particularly in Balochistan. Had the federal government taken action after the Almdar Road double bombings, the Hazara Town tragedy would have been averted, he said.

Apart from the Sharif brothers, Punjab government spokesperson Senator Pervaiz Rashid also made a rejoinder. He said Malik Ishaq was detained twice by the Shahbaz Sharif-led government. He accused the interior minister of leveling allegations for political purposes.

“Rehman Malik neither wrote a letter to the Punjab government to arrest Malik Ishaq nor provided any material, on the basis of which the ASWJ chief could have been arrested,” he added. Senator Rashid went on to reveal that 11 arms licences were issued by the Balochistan and Sindh governments to Malik Ishaq and his two sons – Malik Usman and Malik Muhammad Haq Nawaz.

It is this apathy of the Federal and specially the Punjab Government led by the Nawaz Shariff, who is not only reluctant to take any concrete steps to curb the Menace of These Banned Organisations like LeJ and Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , but are actually supporting to return their favour to their Saudi Sponsors who are also the sponsors of terrorism in Pakistan and want to destabilize Pakistan on the orders of their US and Zionist Masters , to protect their Masters Interest.

Now it is an Open secret that  Saudi Arabia is financing and sponsoring the Terrorist Organisation whether Lashkar e Jhangvi , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , or Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan which are responsible for terrorist activities in Pakistan , and their International Chapter Al Qaida , which is responsible of all the International Terrorism are financed and sponsored By Saudi Arabia, in coordination with US’s CIA to do all their Covert activities and terrorism which may benefit American Elites .

And the Punch line is that with the Corruption Giants like Nawaz Shariff and Zardari , who have their refuge Homes in Saudi Arabia and UAE respectively and both being answerable to their US Masters , are not willing to take any action against these terrorist Organizations which are being sponsored and financed and are being run on the orders of Saudi and UAE Monarchies , as they don’t want to annoy both the Monarchies who may be the last place on Earth in their hour of Need , when finally the Public of Pakistan stands up and Block their ways of Exit , and ask them to answer for all their sorrows and the terrorism they have faced in the Previous decades. As they think that they will only be their God Fathers who will rescue them in return for their loyalties , which they are Proving in shape of closing their eyes towards Burning Pakistan , which is burnt by their vested Terrorists Organisations Like Lashkar e Jhangvi LeJ , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan SSP , Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan TTP and other allied cells and Groups.

As which Nawaz Shariff have even once experienced , when an Honourable Man have caught him red Handed, and he was convicted of High treason and was liable for Capital Punishment , His Master Sent him a Rescue Plane to take all his family , to the Palace in Saudi Arabia , where he even weded his Younger Daughter to one of the member of the Royal family , So Now he is confident that he ll be again saved by them if he is trapped in such a situation. But they have forgotten the wrath of The Allah where even Great Monarchs like Shadad , Namrood and Pharohs couldn’t be saved , when the Wrath of Allah came in action , and they even having the absolute powers on Earth , were eliminated not individually but with all their Friends and well wishers .


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