2nd Shia Navy Officer Attacked & Martyred by the Terrorist of SSP in Karachi

Shaheed Lr.Cmdr Azeem Haider , 3 Mar, 2013, KHIJNN 4 Mar 2013 KARACHI: In the Broad Day Light in the Early Hours of the day , in Busiest Harbour area ,A Pakistani Shia Navy Officer Lieutenant Commander Syed Azeem Haider Kazmi was attacked by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and being treated at the PNS Shifa Hospital Karachi. It is a second such attack, targeting 2nd Shia Navy official in short span of a month . The Brave Warrior  fought for life for about 4 days in the PNS Shifa Hospital in a Critical State , but finally could not sccummb to his injuries and embraced Martyrdom on 3rd March . 

The Sources have told that the terrorist of SSP Targeted and fired atleast 4 shots at Azeem Haider, a lieutenant commander, near Karachi port Gate # 15, where he was going on his way to his Office , the assailants managed to flee safely on Wednesday morning.

Lt Commander Haider got three bullet injuries to his chest and was shifted to PNS Shifa Hospital, where he was Operated and was kept on ventilator, Said to be in a critical situation till the filing of this report

Sources said that Mr Haider was one of those officers who had been part of an investigation into an audacious militant attack on Pakistan’s Navy Mehran Base facility. According to the ISPR the officer was now associated with Education Department of the Navy.

His Funeral Prayer was offered at Imambargah Yasrab , Defence , Karachi. on Sunday.

But as per our sources have revealed that at present was the Investigating Officer Of Bomb Blast which took Place at PNS Karsaz , by Bomb Planted under the car of another Shia Naval Officer Asif Kazmi .

In the Earlier attack Shia Naval Officer, On February 7, Lieutenant Asif Kazmi along with his spouse was injured when a bomb planted under their vehicle went off. In which Both of His Legs were to be amputed, while his Wife was also injured in the attack.

However, media wing of the Pakistan army didn’t provide details regarding the attack.

The Shia Community is now very much skeptical of the Situation , when even the Shia Armed Forces Personnel are not even safe from the terrorist attacks , and as it is now giving the idea that even the Armed forces are either not able to Provide security to their Own Officers , Or they are Not interested in the Security for their own Nation , who have given them Honor and Glory .

At the Present Scenario the Common Man have started to belief that we are living in a Jungle , and as Per the Jungle Rule , everybody should be responsible for his own and his community Security , and should be ready to fight & eliminate the forces working against them , as this the First Survival Rule in the Laws of Jungle.

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