Twin Blasts took lives of 45 Shia and Sunni Muslims ,135 injured in Abbas Town Karachi by LeJ Terrorist

Bomb Blast @ Abbas Town , KarachiJNN 4 Mar 2013 KARACHI: At least 45 people, many women and children among them, were killed and over 135 injured in a massive bombing in the city’s Shia-dominated neighbourhood of Abbas Town on Sunday evening, By the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi .

The explosion took place at the time of Maghrib prayers between two apartment blocks at the entrance to Abbas Town. The blasts were reported to have been heard from nearly 10 kilometres away.

The injured and deceased included Men women and Young children, from Both Sunni and Shia Sects , but the Victims were Predominantly Shia people.

A car containing explosives was detonated at the entrance of Iqra City and demolished two apartment buildings and nearby shops. Bomb Disposal Squad officials determined that a 150kg device was used.

But the brunt of the attack was borne by two adjoining blocks of Rabia Flowers and Iqra City. The ground and first floors in both the blocks were badly damaged, exposing the living rooms of apartments. Some flats were reduced to rubble.

There were reports that several residents died inside their apartments because of the sheer impact of the blast and injuries caused by shrapnel.

At least three bodies buried in the rubble were retrieved by rescue workers by late night but there were fears that more bodies could still be there.

The balconies on the upper floors were also blown off and flames were leaping out from apartment on the fourth floor.

According to initial estimates, 40 to 50 apartments were destroyed and over 10 shops flattened.

Law-enforcement officials stayed away from the place for quite some time after the blast.

East Karachi DIG Aleem Jafri suspected that an explosive-laden vehicle might have been used.

“Over 150kg of high explosives laced with ball bearings were detonated by a time device,” he told JNN, citing a report of the bomb disposal unit. At the Place of the Bomb Blast a four feet deep and Ten feet wide crater was formed due to the explosion.

The blast left a four-foot deep crater of 10-foot circumference. An area of around 700 metres had been affected, the DIG said.

Police found an engine and some parts which indicated that a car had been used for the massive bombing. However, they didn’t find any particulars of the vehicle.

Many victims were trapped under the rubble as teams worked to rescue them.

“About 45 deaths have occurred and as many as 135 wounded are in various hospitals. More than 70 patients have been admitted to the Aga Khan Hospital, 32 to Liaquat National Hospital, 17 to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, 12 to the JPMC and one to Civil Hospital,” Sindh Health Secretary Dr Suresh Kumar said.

Some bodies were charred beyond recognition, rescue workers said.

Several bodies had been taken to cold storages in different Imambargahs by midnight.

A suspect was handed over to Rangers by residents of Abbas Town. He was reported to be from Peshawar and told the police that he had two accomplices on back-up.

Police IG Fayyaz Leghari said a suicide bomber may have been behind the attack.

Jafria Alliance Pakistan (JAP)  gave a call for a Shutter Down Strike in Karachi , which was later on endorsed by the other Shia Organisations and Political Parties ,which include Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen (MWM) , Shia Ulema Council (SUC) , Shia Action Committee (SAC) , Imamia Students Organisation ( ISO) ,  Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) , Awami National Party (ANP)  , Jamaat e Islami (JI)  ,while the Traders Association , Bar Council , Private and Govt School , Colleges , Universities announced to  Honor the Call and will be closed on Monday

The Govt of Sindh & Punjab also announced for a Official Mourning . As the National Flag will be Flown at Half Mast on Monday

Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah announced Rs1.5million in compensation to the families of the Martyrs , while Rs.1 Million will be paid to the Injured .

All markets and schools will be closed on Monday. Public transport will also be suspended.

This is the second blast that has shaken Abbas Town in the span of four months.

blast took place in November of last year near the same  Masjid e Mustafa in Abbas town, which killed two people and injured over a dozen men, including two Rangers personnel.

List of Martyrs Identified till the filling of this report is as follows :

  1. Mohd Jaffar s/o Mubarak Hussain , 45
  2. S. Imtiaz Ali Rizvi s/o S. Meharban Ali Rizvi
  3. Ali Ahmed Zaidi s/o Naseem Ahmed Zaidi , 4
  4. Amir Zaidi s/o Hadi Hussain Kazmi , 40, ( Unit Incharge MQM )
  5. S. Baqar Hussain Zaidi s/o S. Mohd. Yousuf Zaidi , 12
  6. Altaf Hussain Zaidi s/o Tufail Hussain Zaidi , 45
  7. Munawar Shah s/o Saeed Abbas , 45
  8. Kashif Abbas s/o Jaffer Abbas , 28
  9. S.Zeeshan Zaidi ( Lamba Mohd) s/o S. Mushtaq Hussain , 55
  10. Mohd Iqbal Alam
  11. Hur s/o Zeeshan
  12. Shehneela Zeeshan W/o Shani ( Sister in Law of Haider Abbas Rizvi  MQM )
  13. Abid Zaidi
  14. Sitwat Abbas s/o Khursheed Hyder 50
  15. S.Imran Haider
  16. Hassan Ali s/o Ali Haider , 16 ( Body Recovered w/o Head)
  17. Iftikhar Hussain s/o Sheikh Hassan , 24 ( Skardu )

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